Carv Protocol Airdrop- An Obvious Cat Under the Table

Carv Protocol Airdrop- An Obvious Cat Under the Table


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Aha Found it!

I noticed a few inquiries in the TG group about $0 airdrop opportunities, and I made it my mission to track them down today.

I found not just one but two potential opportunities! However, I dedicated my time to thoroughly researching one in particular. The stats look incredibly promising โ€“ they even surpassed my expectations. These under-the-radar projects often turn out to be real winners.


Carv Protocol has already secured over $4 million in seed funding back in 2022, boasting a valuation of $60 million. Plus, they had another round of funding in December 2023 led by HashKey Capital (Second highest VC in web3 with most projects invested in in 2023 after Coinbase Venture) , but the exact details remain undisclosed.


Carv currently has a userbase of a little over 100k

This project is kinda like a gaming platform in the social media category.

How To Farm Carv Airdrop:

The task is simple , connect your social media accounts and claim soulbound tokens. Complete other additional tasks to earn more points. That's it that's all you have to do.

It's so straightfoward the campaign is tagged "Enter the Data-to-Earn Era: SOUL Drop Campaign powered by CARV:"

To begin farming register HERE!.

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