Updated: Zksync Airdrop Strategy Part 4- The last Straw

Dear Hunters, welcome to the final installment of my ZKSYNC airdrop series. You can catch up on previous parts here:

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As we traverse the wilds of November, a month that has already proven quite eventful, I’ve noticed a peculiar lack of attention towards ZKSYNC. Not a whisper or nod of acknowledgment was granted to ZKSYNC in this bustling month of November, and understandably so. The ZKSYNC mainnet was launched in October 2022, a period spanning over a year now, and the airdrop lingers on, our gas fees suffer, and the hunters slumber.

A year is indeed a substantial duration to postpone the gratification of eager hunters and farmers alike. While many are captivated by the allure of the Layerzero airdrop, I endeavored to think in three dimensions, discerning what truly matters. In the course of my exploits this year, I deem my efforts on Layerzero as commendable. I harbor strong confidence that readers who followed my series on them shall reap rewards, potentially reaching at least $3k.

P.S.: Send me your testimonials when you claim your well-deserved rewards.

So Why should you care about zksync Airdrop? It’s quite straightforward:

▫1. It has mammoth funding of $458M

▫️ 2. The highest likelihood among high-profile projects to actually conduct an airdrop

▫️3. 66% of $ZKS is allocated to the ‘community’

▫️ 4. From first glance it might seem overfarmed, Truth be told only those who hit the following niche points will reap greatly, and they are few.

▫️5. 83.56% of all users have only one ‘Active Day’

▫️ 6. More than 44% bridged a modest $10-$100 into zkSync

▫️ 7. 36% of users have fewer than 10 transactions

This article aims to refocus on what is important. Endeavor to fulfill the following points:

  1. Utilize the native bridge to transition into ZKSYNC from the Ethereum mainnet: https://portal.txsync.io/bridge/.
  2. Employ Orbiter Finance to bridge into ZKSYNC Lite from the ZKSYNC Era: https://www.orbiter.finance/?source=zkSync%20Era&dest=zkSync%20Lite&token=ETH.
  3. Acquire the Libertas Omnibus NFT from the Element Marketplace: https://element.market/collections/libertas-omnibus-collection. for $41 or less, reason been this is an NFT with a special channel on Zksync’s discord server.
  4. If you possess up to $500, attempt to bridge in and out of ZKSYNC until your bridge amount reaches at least $10k.
  5. Increase your transaction volume to $10k by engaging in back-and-forth swaps using SyncSwap: https://syncswap.xyz/.

Mute: https://app.mute.io/swap

CruSwap: https://crus.xyz/#/swap

XY Finance: https://app.xy.finance/

Bungee: https://www.bungee.exchange/

Izumi: https://izumi.finance/trade/swap

6. Create multisig account on https://safe.global/ on the zksync network ( add a random burner account with no cluster history with your airdrop farming wallet as signer)

7. Increase your Active days and weeks by completely one transaction daily on zksync, each time try to explore a different platform (smart contract). It does’nt matter how much the transaction is worth (I would suggest $10 above transactions) as long as it registers on the chain you are good to go. Use this link to explore protocols you’ve not used; https://byfishh.github.io/zk-flow/

8. At end of this tutorial, preferably conducted over the course of one week, give 24hrs then Use this airdrop Simulator to check your wallet points https://wenser.vercel.app/

Embark on these actions before the week concludes; I possess a strong intuition that the ZKSYNC airdrop is on the verge of unveiling itself. Their silence is far from ordinary.

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