WormHole Airdrop Guide Part 2


First off, congratulations to those who made life-changing gains from the Jito airdrop, which I extensively covered in my Solana Airdrop guide series.

Many have earned over $50,000 by following my guide on the Jito airdrop.

On a less positive note, I encountered a DMCA complaint regarding one of my original Medium posts, resulting in my Medium blog being suspended. This situation underscores the reality of our centralized world, where censorship exists despite the promises of decentralization.

Today, I bring you the second part of my Wormhole airdrop guide. The first part can be found HERE.

I've chosen to write about Wormhole despite the buzz surrounding numerous airdrops on Twitter. With a substantial fund of $225 million, it's the most overlooked and underfarmed airdrop right now.

My commitment is to bring exclusive airdrops to my readers—ones that I've personally tried and have strong belief in. This divergence from Twitter allows me to filter out the noise.

If my guide helped you gain any airdrop rewards from Jito, consider tipping me here: 0xA12795A80CCcE5a869263B0c41e3f18875162b58 or Solana: CaU42qmZfZEGgvhhY3zPHdK4PeyuaELyLFtVkMwBkVwB

I spend hours researching the most efficient farming strategies.

Now let's get started ;

Farming Wormhole follows a simple plan:

  • Build Volume

  • Increase Interacted smart contracts

  • Active days

  • Active weeks

  • Active months

Whether you have substantial funds or not, I've crafted this guide to help fulfill at least four of the above criteria for your wallet address.

Mayan Finance

  • Goto Mayan Finance on Metamask mobile ( for some reason my wallet won't connect on PC)

  • Connect your wallet

  • Click "Select Destination Wallet"

  • Click "Send to another wallet"

  • Copy your Solana wallet address from Phantom wallet and past it in "Send to another wallet".

  • Select receive token as $SOL

  • Bridge some eth from Arbitrum to Solana ( no slippage)

  • Wait 25mins to get your $SOL in your phantom wallet

  • You can also reverse this process to bridge your $SOL back from Solana to ETH on Arbitrum by opening Mayan Finance on your Phantom wallet back to Arbitrum.

  • You can also bridge ETH from arbitrum to Matic on polygon , Binance smart chain BSC, Avalanche, & Ethereum.

  • Each transaction takes about 25 minutes to complete, possibly up to 3 hours during network congestion. However, it's worth noting that fewer than 50,000 wallets are currently farming Wormhole—a protocol funded with $225 million. This is significantly fewer compared to the 3 million wallets farming the $293 million funded Layerzero. The aim is to get in early.

Zealy Quest

Wormhole has a zealy quest and you can start participating by going HERE.

Answers to the 10 Questions on the Zealy Quest are as follows:

  • Quest 1 : A

  • Quest 2 : D

  • Quest 3 : C

  • Quest 4 : A

  • Quest 5 : C

  • Quest 6 : C

  • Quest 7 : B

  • Quest 8 : B

  • Quest 9 : D

  • Quest 10 : D

There are only a few functioning Wormhole platforms to explore Mayan finance at the moment is the most responsive. Understandably, Wormhole is still in development and has ground to cover compared to Layerzero. With their recent funding, I trust they will deliver new competitive products to rival Layerzero.

The first part of this guide can be Found HERE.

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