Updated: Wen layerzero Airdrop?


As you read this, I come bearing tidings, and my sources point to the fact that the Layerzero airdrop snapshot might have already been taken or is poised to be captured.

The $ZRO airdrop is officially scheduled on or before December 12th (Don’t tell anyone. TapiocaDAO, in their cryptic scrolls, has dropped a subtle nod to $ZRO. This enigmatic token is a prerequisite for launching their Project, which is slated for takeoff on the 12th of December.

So, what’s the juicy connection between TapiocaDAO and Layerzero?

Well, it turns out they’ve cozied up by investing in Layerzero’s seed round, and their Omnichain Lending Platform is powered by none other than Layerzero.

But hold on, how can you be sure that I’m not just stringing you along on a merry adventure into the wilderness?

For starters, the market is in relatively high spirits, and it makes sense to unveil your token when folks are more “hodl” than “sodl.”

Secondly, let’s talk about the smoking gun — TapiocaDAO’s GitHub documentation.

There are breadcrumbs of hints strewn around that suggest something’s cooking. For instance, they casually mention things like

“_zroPaymentAddress” as a requirement in their code. I mean, who wouldn’t want to add an “obligatory” ZRO payment address, right? If that’s not convincing enough, they’ve got functions like “estimateFees” and “estimateSendFee” which are liberally seasoned with ZRO references.

Now, a little disclaimer here — this article isn’t a step-by-step guide or a tutorial. Nope, I gave it some thought, and I’m not going down that rabbit hole. You guys have done remarkably well, and if you’ve diligently followed my epic five-part tutorial on the Layerzero airdrop hunt, your wallet address should be gleaming among the top 50k addresses in a sea of 3.5 million wallets (pre-sybil purge).

To toast to this grand achievement and herald a bountiful harvest, I’ve concocted a delightful treat for you — the “Hunter Mutant Gang” NFT, ripe for the minting, over on Zora. Just head to this link https://t.ly/NcYd3 and mint it on Base Mainnet. It’s free, folks, and it’s our way of celebrating the Hunter community’s success.

So there you have it, a slice of the cryptoverse with a dash of humor. Keep your eyes on the horizon and your wallets ready, for who knows what the crypto cosmos has in store for us next! 🚀🌕


Layerzero buys ssl certificate for the domain Layerzero.foundation

Usually when protocols do this they Deploy or make the announcement in less than a week.

This acquisition of SSL certificates for the “http://layerzero.foundation" domain suggests that LayerZero is taking steps to secure its foundation website, which is standard practice for any organization that is looking to protect its online interactions & communications.

In the context of a potential $ZRO airdrop, the SSL certificates alone do not confirm that an airdrop is imminent. However, they can be seen as part of the necessary infrastructure improvements that they might undertake in anticipation of an event that would increase traffic to their website. For example, if LayerZero were planning to conduct an airdrop, they might expect a surge in users visiting their site to claim airdrop, A secure website would be essential to ensure that this increased traffic could be handled safely and that users’ interactions would be protected.

Case Study;

theaptosbridge.com 17 Oct ’22 Certificate → 19 Oct ’22 Announcement by LZ

bitcoinbridge.network 16 Nov ’22 Certificate → 17 Nov ’22 Announcement

LZ testnetbridge.com 20 Feb ’23 Certificate → 21 Feb ’23 Announcement by LZ

bridge.telos.net 23 Oct ’23 Certificate → 24 Oct ’23 Announcement by LZ

A doc reportedly belonging to Layerzero Marks Q4 2023 as TGE.


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