Top Exclusive Airdrops To Farm In April

Top Exclusive Airdrops To Farm In April

April has been absolutely bananas! πŸŽ‰ Our members from the 0XFARMERS COMMUNITY have been crushing it, snagging over $400k worth of airdrops from rad protocols like Wormhole and Ethena.Fi, and we're not done yet! πŸš€ There's still more goodness to come before April bids us adieu.

Big shoutout to everyone who scored those sweet airdrops! πŸ™Œ And to those who missed out, no sweat! I've got your back. There's plenty more where that came from, and I'm here to help you claim your piece of the pie.

Right now, my game plan is all about keeping an eye on protocols launching on Binance, ETH L2s, and those cool interOp protocols. Check out this TWITTER THREAD for my last update on what to farm. Let's get into it.

  • Stakestone& Zircuit :

    Binance announced that have invested in StakeStone. Lock ETH to partake in stakestone airdrop. When you deposit & lock ETH into Stakestone you get cSTONE which you can deposit into zircuit farm zircuit airdrop. Follow this guide

    1. Goto (yes you need an invite code)

      1. Connect your wallet sign the tx.

      2. Connect your twitter account and tweet to verify

      3. Then Lock a minimum of 0.25 ETH to get cSTONE. when you lock ETH, it takes 2days to get cSTONE in return, when you do you will get it AS Cstone (locked stone token), just hit claim and sign the tx when your cStone arrives.

      4. Then Goto Zircuit to deposit your cSTONE to farm Zircuit and eigenlayer point.

  • Linea & Layerzero:

    The Linea surge, the latest venture in the Linea Airdrop hunt, is all about providing liquidity to score some special LXP rewards. And here's the kicker: if you've got a running LP when Linea surge kicks off later this month, you'll snag yourself an early adopter multiplier bonus. The sweet deal doesn't end thereβ€”you can also farm layerzero. Goto Stargate and deposit at least 0.1 ETH on Linea.

  • Renzo:

    Farm renzo. At this point I don't need to convince you LRT protocols do cool airdrops, Etherfi was a perfect prove of concept, I got $1.6k worth ETHFI for $33 ETH staked for 3 months , that's a 48x for doing practically nothing, mind you their airdrop was Linear so this is not mostly a whales game. All you have to do to farm Renzo is Stake ETH on any layer2 network of your choice, your ezETH is always available for you to use. You can lend it to protocols like Kinza Finance or Zerolend and borrow so your funds don't lie fallow. Or you can farm Zircuit at the sametime by depositing ezETH into the renzo pool.

  • Swell Network:

    For those still farming. keep farming.

  • Scroll & Base:

    Take your L2 farming serious, this is the best time to do so.

  • Layerzero Key Touch Point:

Another key touch point of layerzero is clusters name. Minting a clusters name will guarantee layerzero v2 interaction and maybe a multiplier bonus

  • Farm Xterio:

    Xterio is a free-to-play blockchain based gaming platform. They have over $55m raised with BinanceLabs as lead investors .

  • How to interact;

    1. Goto Connect Wallet and Bridge at least $2 from $BNB chain to Xterio.

      1. Goto Connect Metamask Wallet

        Claim Egg, Apple, Rubber duck & Music CD on the Xterio network, it will automatically request to change network when you hit claim.

      2. Click on the plus sign near the Boost button Paste my invite code 6a53ef6884897191ace8ed359ed8ce29 in the invite code box and comfirm to get 1x boost.

      3. Chat with Polio at least once to get 4x boost and an NFT reward

  • Remember this campaign ends on the 29th of April so be fast.

  • Phoenix Trade:

I've soft shilled Phoenix Trade in the past, and the only reason I did'nt shill hard was because I've had their co-founder confide in me tokenization was'nt in their agenda, now I have reasons to believe they Will eventually tokenize. This might be the best time to ramp up tx on it, for the uninitiated Phoenix is a spot dex on solana and have recently expanded to other eth layer 2 . The catch is they recently raised $20m under the labs name Ellipsis, this is a huge comfirmation they are going to tokenize.

  • Mint this Zora Eclipse NFT when it starts tomorrow. Go HERE.

  • New Kroma Quest:

    We've covered airdrop quests now there's a new quest in their airdrop Saga. To participate goto their Galxe page and complete tasks.

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