SolBlaze, Kamino Finance & MarginFi Airdrop Guide

Hunters! After the success of FluxB,JUP & now JTO, I’m now ramping up my strategy for these other three protocols as their airdrops are coming soon.

For those readers who missed hitting the 100-point cutoff to qualify for the Jito Network airdrop, I recommend voicing your concerns collectively in their Discord channel here: If enough people express their dissatisfaction, they might rethink their decision.

I’ve covered Solana airdrops extensively in my previous content; you can check out my past writings here:

This guide will thoroughly cover how to efficiently participate in the Solblaze, Kamino Finance, and MarginFi Airdrops.


Solblaze already has a token and has hinted about an upcoming airdrop.


MarginFi has secured $3M from [@SolanaVentures]( "Twitter profile for @SolanaVentures"), [@PanteraCapital]( "Twitter profile for @PanteraCapital"), & [@multicoincap]( "Twitter profile for @multicoincap"). I’m confident that MarginFi’s airdrop will be on par with Jito’s, and I believe even those with $200 can still profitably farm it.

Kamino Finance

Kamino took some time to earn my trust due to delays in their points/referral system. However, they’ve committed to backdating platform activities for users once the points system launches. I anticipate their airdrop will be promising too.

Let’s dive in.

  • If you’re new to the Solana ecosystem, start by downloading a Phantom wallet here:
  • Next, visit on your Metamask mobile to bridge ETH from Arbitrum to SOL on Solana. This process takes approximately 30 minutes. Connect your Metamask wallet, then copy and input your Phantom wallet address (Solana) as described in the provided screenshot (Note: This site might not connect on PC for some reasons).

This bridge activity also qualify your wallet for a possible wormhole airdrop. You can read my first airdrop guide on Wormhole here.

  • Once your funds arrive in your Phantom wallet, open on your Phantom wallet browser. Connect your wallet and stake your $SOL. Remember to reserve some SOL for gas fees, so leave at least 0.1 SOL.

Congratulations! You’ve leveraged 60% more than what you initially deposited, maximizing your farming potential for three airdrops simultaneously. I recommend using $500 or more for this strategy, but you can always start with any available amount.

For those unable to generate referrals for MarginFi, consider employing multiple wallet accounts, assuming you’re well-versed in maneuvering through antisybil measures.

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