Solana Airdrops: Jito Network Airdrop Guide

Hunters, I’ve got the inside scoop on the Jito Network airdrop — a hidden gem with low competition and straightforward requirements.


But before we jump into the guide, big CONGRATULATIONS to those who followed my Fluxbeam airdrop guide — it dropped yesterday, and many of you pocketed $200+ for some easy swap & referral tasks. If you haven’t claimed your FLUXB tokens yet, I’ve got a Twitter guide on how to do it — CLICK HERE.

I foresaw a surge in the Solana ecosystem, which is why I crafted a guide 12 days ago to prep you for airdrop opportunities in Solana. If you missed it, catch up HERE — it’s a must-read.

Now, if you checked out my Solana Airdrops Preparation Guide, you’re already in the loop for this one and likely eligible for the $JITO airdrop. If not, no worries — you still have time to grab a spot in their airdrop.

What’s Jito Network?

Jito Network is a MEV-powered liquid staking protocol on Solana.

Jito Network Airdrop Guide

  1. If this is your first Solana interaction, download the Phantom wallet HERE for both mobile and PC browsers.
  2. Top up your wallet by depositing SOL tokens from exchanges like Binance or Kucoin. Alternatively, bridge ETH to SOL from Arbitrum to Solana via Mayan Finance.

3. Go HERE on your browser or open it in your Phantom wallet browser on mobile.

4. Deposit SOL to get JitoSol — any amount from $11 works.

5. Keep your stake there until the airdrop announcement.

6. To up your airdrop chances, put your JitoSOL to work by depositing it into Kamino Finance to earn extra APYs — CLICK HERE.

7. Copy your Jito referral link & share with your friends.

Congratulations you just qualified for Jito Network Airdrop

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