Scroll Full Airdrop Strategy- Part 1

Scroll Full Airdrop Strategy- Part 1

Hunters this is the much requested Scroll Mainnet first mover airdrop guide.

I’ll keep it brief and to the point. As of the time of writing this guide, Scroll Mainnet has secured a total funding of $80 million. While there’s no official word on a token or airdrop, there are hints that governance power could be up for grabs. This hint comes from their recent announcement regarding the “Scroll Origin NFT,” which will be available for minting starting on December 14, 2023, at 10:00 PM GMT, exclusively for Scroll builders and smart contract deployers, with potential benefits.

In this guide, we’ll cover three key segments: bridging, swapping, and smart contract deployment. The advantage here is that you don’t need to do much to become a first mover; it’s been less than a week since Scroll Mainnet’s launch. So, let’s dive right in:

Before we begin, make sure to manually add Scroll Mainnet to your Metamask network list with the following settings:

- Network name: ScrollMainnet
- Chain ID: 53452
- Symbol: ETH
- Block Explorer:
- Save these settings!

The best part? You can carry out this tutorial on your mobile device, including the smart contract deployment.

Step 1: Bridging

1. Visit
2. Connect your wallet
3. Bridge ETH from Arbitrum to Scroll
4. Don’t forget to check out their Scroll wallet tracker [here](insert link)!

And as a bonus, you can claim your Rhino X Galxe NFT for free as you’ve qualified. Click Here!

Step 2: Swapping

1. Head over to SyncSwap
2. Connect your wallet and switch to Scroll Mainnet
3. Swap ETH to USDC (any amount will do)

That’s it!

As an additional task spread across several weeks, complete the Orbiter Bridge Odyssey — Scroll Flight here!

STEP 3 DEPLOY. (nocode)

I’ll guide you through deploying a smart contract on SCROLL Mainnet, even if you’re not a developer. Plus, you’ll learn how to upload and mint your very own NFT! 👩🏼‍💻

Estimated time: Approximately 5 minutes 💵 Cost: Around $3

Let’s dive right in. Follow these steps carefully, and you’ll become a true builder on SCROLL Mainnet 🛠, creating and deploying your smart contract on SCROLL Mainnet!

➣ Start by visiting

➣ Connect your wallet and sign the provided message.

➣ Click on “NFT Drop”

➣ Click on “Deploy now”

➣ Fill in the contract parameters:

➣ Upload an image (Any image, a profile pic will suffice) Enter a name Set a symbol Provide a description

➣ Leave everything else as it is.

➣ Now click “Deploy Now.”

➣ Sign your first & second requests (you’ll only incur gas costs less than $2).

Congratulations, you’ve successfully deployed your smart contract! 👏🏻. Now, let’s proceed to set up your NFT’s claim conditions.

You’ll be automatically redirected to the smart contract home page. In case you’re not redirected, follow these steps from the website’s main page:

➣ Click on “Contract”

➣ Navigate to “Deployed”

➣ Find the name of your NFT. You will see the contract dashboard. Time to set up your Claim Conditions:

➣ Tap “Claim Conditions”

➣ Hit “+ Add Phase”

➣ Select “Owner Only” since we’re not selling the NFT

➣ No modifications needed, just hit “Save Phase.”

➣ In the Extension Tab (Located at the lower-left corner) Click on “NFT”

➣ Click on “Single Upload”

➣ Fill in the Metadata like Name, Description, Property, Value & Image (Profile Pic).

➣ Now Click on “Lazy Mint” to Mint!

You’re all set! Enjoy your journey as a SCROLL Mainnet builder, and feel free to reach out if you have any questions along the way. Happy NFT minting! 🚀🎨

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