Scroll Airdrop Strategy Part 2

Scroll Airdrop Strategy Part 2

Hunters! It’s Jadeofwallstreet back again with another strategic airdrop guide. I know we haven’t seen any major airdrop rewards that benefit you, my readers, so far. But keep the faith — rewards are on the horizon, and all my valued readers will be recipients.

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Part 1 of this guide can be found HERE. This part is designed to unfold over the rest of 2023, so don’t rush through this tutorial in a single day.

Let’s begin.

Bridges: In part 1 of the Scroll Airdrop guide series, we utilized RhinoFi Bridge. In this part, we’ll explore several bridges:

NFTs: NFTs are the cheapest means to rack up transaction counts & number of smart contract interacted with, in addition you get to explore an NFT marketplace ( Alienswap) with over $12m in funding led by C2 ventures & Okx ventures.

  1. Goto
  2. Connect your wallet and sign the message
  3. The select Scroll and start Minting free NFTs

The Scroll Hunters: An Independent collection of 1667 Unique NFTs available to mint for free on Scroll Mainnet.

  1. Goto
  2. Connect your wallet and mint up to 260 NFTs per wallet

DEXes: In part 1 of the Scroll Airdrop guide series, we used Syncswap. In this part, we’ll still explore Syncswap and a few other DEXes:

- 1. Syncswap: (Wrap ETH to WETH)
- 2. Izumi Finance: (Swap some WETH to wstETH)
- 3. Skydrome: (Swap WETH to USDC)
- 4. Zebra: (Swap USDC to USDT)
- 5. CattieSwap: (Swap USDT to cUSD)

Note: I do not endorse any of these DEXes, nor do I encourage providing liquidity on them.

Perp Trading: Perp trading can accumulate trading volume effectively due to leverage. However, trading on these perp DEXes involves the risk of liquidation. Here are a couple of recommendations:

- 2. 10kDEX: (Allows you to long or short ETH-USD with leverage using your ETH balance)

Lending Protocols: I wouldn’t encourage using lending protocols as a farming criteria due to the high risk of fund loss on a fairly new chain and new protocol. However, for those interested in exploring more smart contracts, here are some lending protocols to consider:

- [@loansharktech]( "Twitter profile for @loansharktech")
- [@LayerBankFi]( "Twitter profile for @LayerBankFi")
- [@CogFinance]( "Twitter profile for @CogFinance")

Scroll Safe Wallet: This is a multisig wallet similar to To create a Scroll Safe Wallet, follow these instructions:

- 4. Input Name & select “scroll” as the network
- 5. Click next, then add a new owner by inputting a name and wallet address, then click Next again. The creation fee is $0.2.

Domain: Buy a dot scroll domain for $6.51

  1. Goto
  2. Connect your wallet and search for a domain
  3. Click “Register with ETH” and sign the transaction in your wallet

That’s all for the Scroll Airdrop Guide. You can find part 1 of the Scroll Airdrop guide series here where you can deploy a smart contract to qualify for Scroll Origin NFT.

I’m Jadeofwallstreet, your trusted crypto profit guide. Get ready to ride the crypto waves in style with me by your side!

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