Quick Action Required: GRVT Airdrop Confirmed-$7.1m Raised-$0 Cost

Quick Action Required: GRVT Airdrop Confirmed-$7.1m Raised-$0 Cost

What is GRVT?

GRVT represents the future of hybrid derivatives exchanges. It offers self-custody trading, lightning-fast execution, deep liquidity, capital efficiency, competitive fees, and two distinct modes tailored to both professional and novice traders. What sets us apart? GRVT is supported by zkSync (See tweet screenshot below), utilizing zk-rollups to provide unmatched levels of security and scalability.


GRVT is currently offering an exclusive limited-time bonus for early birds, and it’s guaranteed that early users will be granted GRVT tokens as a reward. This airdrop Hunt Requires $0 just a few seconds of registration

VC Money wen?

They’ve raised a combined $7.1m

How to participate?

👉You need a ref link, use this one: https://grvt.io/exchange/sign-up?ref=DW81TPQ (without a referral you cannot register) 10 GRVT bonus inclusive.

1️⃣Click “Personal”

2️⃣Enter Name, Email, Password

3️⃣Verify Email


5️⃣Share your ref link on your socials.

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