Part 5: Layerzero Airdrop Strategy-Interacted Chains Era

Part 5: Layerzero Airdrop Strategy-Interacted Chains Era

Hunters, Jadeofwallstreet here!

You might be wondering why I’ve been hammering away at Layerzero airdrop strategies, and you’re probably thinking, “Is this guy obsessed or what?” Well, I assure you, there’s a method to my madness. The day of reckoning is fast approaching in the hunt for $ZRO, and trust me, even your rivals can smell it in the air. They’re gearing up for the final sprint in this Hunt for governance power marathon, and here’s the kicker — the on-chain data confirms it. In the past couple of days, I’ve noticed Layerzero activities soaring while my wallet ranking takes a nosedive. But fear not; I’m here to guide you through the storm!

As most of you know, I’m all about sharing real, actionable strategies, and I emphasize the word “actionable.” I don’t believe in just spouting off random ideas; if I share a strategy, you can bet your wallet I’ve tried it out myself.

Now, in the thrilling fifth installment of my Layerzero Airdrop strategy, I’ll spill the beans on Wen $ZRO is likely to drop and unveil a brilliantly simple daily strategy to rack up those transaction numbers, source chains, and destination chains. This strategy has the power to catapult your wallet up by a whopping 100,000 positions in just one day.

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1. To kick things off, I’ve got a shout-out to our hero, Fashaking, for crafting the Layerzero dashboard that I’ve personalized just for this tutorial. It’s a lifesaver, folks. Now, let’s head over to my personalized Layerzero dashboard .

2. Here, you’ll find three widgets. The first one is for checking your wallet rank, the second for identifying your missing destination chains, and the third for revealing your missing source chains. Let’s dive in!

3. Start by refreshing the first widget, as shown in the screenshot below. Be patient; Dune might be a bit sluggish in updating the widget. If it says “running” for more than a minute, give it a page refresh. Once it’s all set, enter your wallet in the search bar as demonstrated below. This is to grab your wallet rank before we start this tutorial. Don’t forget to jot down your rank!

4. Refresh the second and third widgets just like you did the first one, making sure they’re updated to the current minute. Input your wallet as demonstrated in the screenshots below. Both widgets will display your missing source and destination chains. Take note of these — they’ll come in handy in the next steps. You’ll notice your missing destination chain is more than 20; click on the three dots to unveil them all.

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1. Now, let’s make our way to Minter Merkly Gas Station .

2. Select a chain where you have some ETH; Arbitrum is a good choice, but if you’re feeling thrifty, BASE is the way to go.

3. Now, here’s where the magic starts. Send some gas (at least $1) to your “missing source chains” one by one until you’ve covered all of them. Each of these transactions adds a feather to your Layerzero wallet rank because Merkly uses Layerzero for its gas station. But wait, here comes the big reveal in the next step.

1. Goto .

2. Pick one of your “missing source chains” as the origin chain and one of your “missing destination chains” as the destination.

3. Input 100 in the “claim tokens” field, and hit the “Claim” button. This action will prompt your wallet to switch networks to the source chain, it’ll be automatically added to your Metamask if it wasn’t there before. No more fussing around with manual chain additions.

4. Sign the second transaction that pops up, or, if it doesn’t, go ahead and repeat the action to claim the tokens again and sign the transaction until you see 100 MERK sitting in the balance field.

5. Now, put in 5 in the “Enter amount of MERK to bridge” field and click “bridge” to transport to your destination chain. You’ll be prompted to sign this transaction in your wallet. Sign it, and you’re good to go!

6. Repeat these steps for all your missing source and destination chains until you’ve crossed them all off your list. For maximum impact, spread out these activities over a 7-day period. With each source and destination chain you conquer, your wallet will leap up by 10,000 positions.

Feel free to revisit Step 1 every 24 hours after each activity to check your wallet rank. Compare it with your initial rank, and watch the progress unfold before your eyes!

Wen $ZRO? based on heresays and rumors $ZRO is most likely to drop EoY of 2023 or Q1 of 2024.

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