Part 4: Layerzero Airdrop Strategy— The Era of OFT & ONFT, and Cross-Chain Messaging

Part 4: Layerzero Airdrop Strategy— The Era of OFT & ONFT, and Cross-Chain Messaging

Hey there, fellow hunters! It’s jadeofwallstreet, and I’m thrilled to be back with another game-changing tutorial to supercharge your

LayerZero Labs

airdrop hunting endeavors. Once you’re through with this guide, your wallet will soar up in

LayerZero Labs

rankings. You’ll see the results yourself!

But let’s not rush into things. This tutorial might set you back around $30, but trust me, the rewards will be well worth it. Here’s why.

Some might think Layerzero airdrop is now overfarmed and that they won’t drop anytime soon. I beg to differ. On-chain data suggests that airdrop farming is slowing down especially on Layerzero. This, my friends, is the golden opportunity for us. When your rivals start playing catch-up, it’s the perfect time to step on the gas and leave them eating your digital dust, with an extra dash of effort! I’ve seen my wallet’s Nomis Layerzero score skyrocket by 10 points using the strategy laid out in this article because there’s not much competition on-chain right now.

Moreover, cross-chain interoperability is seeing fierce competition lately. Names like Interport,, and Connext have entered the game with significant funding. So, I believe Layerzero is making a strategic move to capture market share. But that’s not what this article is about.

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty, let’s get some terms straight:

1. Omnichain Fungible Tokens (OFT): These tokens can be sent across different chains without the need for liquidity or fees. We’re going to work with protocols like MetisDAO ($METIS), traderJoe ($Joe), Altitude ($ALTD), and Radiant Capital ($Rdnt).

2. Omnichain Non-Fungible Tokens (ONFT): These tokens allow NFT projects to move tokens across chains. It’s like magic — they lock on the source chain and unlock on the destination chain.

3. Cross-Chain Messaging: LayerZero relies on oracles and relayers to transfer messages between on-chain endpoints. It currently supports cross-chain messaging between Ethereum, BNB Chain, Avalanche, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, and Fantom.

Now that we’ve got the basics down, let’s embark on this adventure. I’d advise you to take your time with this tutorial; there’s no need to rush. Your competitors are dozing, and it’s your moment to shine.

Step 1: Pit Stop at the Gas Station

  1. Visit Bungee Exchange to distribute gas fees to the chains we’ll need for this tutorial CLICK HERE.

  2. Choose your origin chain (Arbitrum is recommended), adjust the gas amount, and send gas to BSC, Optimism, Polygon, and Avalanche.

Step 2: Omnichain Fungible Token Adventures

  1. Head to Balancer and buy $2 worth of $RDNT tokens (an OFT) on the Arbitrum network. CLICK HERE

  2. Use the Radiant Capital Bridge to bridge $RDNT tokens between Arbitrum and BSC (and vice versa), around 1–5 times daily.

3. Get $2 worth of $ALTD (an OFT) on the Arbitrum network from Camelot Exchange. CLICK HERE

4. Utilize the

McMountain | AltitudeDeFi (🏔️, ⛏️)

bridge to transfer your $ALTD tokens to various chains (BSC, Optimism, Polygon, and Avalanche), and don’t forget to go in reverseCLICK HERE

5. On TraderJoeXYZ, swap 1 AVAX for 40 $Joe, CLICK HERE.

6. then use TraderJoeXZY bridge to bridge $Joe tokens to BNB Chain and Arbitrum. CLICK HERE

7. Head over to the Merkly OFT bridge at

8. Switch your network to “Base.” Interestingly, Metamask won’t charge you a dime to sign transactions on this network; it’s like getting paid for being on-chain!

9. Now, in the “Claim tokens” field, enter 1000 and hit the “Claim” button. Sign the transaction in your wallet, and voilà, you’ll see 1000 $MERKLY token balance.

10. With this newfound treasure in your wallet, you can venture into any network of your choosing, especially those you’ve never explored within the Layerzero ecosystem. Alternatively, you can opt for the “TurboBridge” feature, which seems tailor-made for airdrop hunters. It enables you to effortlessly bridge to multiple chains, perfect for amassing interactions with various destination chains.

Step 3: Omnichain Non-Fungible Token Quest

  1. Head over to []]( and mint an ONFT on the BASE network. Once you’ve got your ONFT in hand, it’s time to start bridging to various chains. Focus on chains that you haven’t explored within the Layerzero ecosystem to maximize your interactions.

2. Next, make your way to the Merkly ONFT Bridge at [](]( and switch your origin chain to Metis. Here’s where the magic happens. Click on “TurboBridge” and then hit “Mint.”

3. This action triggers a sequence of queued transactions in your wallet, streamlining the process of minting up to 19 ONFTs as you confirm each transaction. The interface provided by Merkly allows you to bridge to all available chains from the Metis network.

4. Now, it’s time to get clicking on those “Bridge” buttons and signing the transactions as you go. In my own experience, I invested $10 in bridging ONFTs on Merkly, which significantly boosted my wallet score. Just remember to space out your interactions by a few minutes for optimal results.

Step 4: Cross-Chain Messaging Adventure

  1. On L2Telegraph, use a chain where you have gas to send messages to various chains. Sign your messages and spread your presence.

2. Goto (Polyhedra)

3. Connect your wallet and select a network where you have gas.

4. Select destination chain and paste any different wallet address in the “TO” field.

5. Now send any text and sign the transaction in your wallet. You do this as many times as you want everyday.


Give it 24 hours, and then check your Layerzero score on Nomis CLICK HERE . You should see a substantial increase of at least 10 points. If you haven’t already minted your Layerzero score, it’s a wise move, and it costs $8 or less.

To explore other Layerzero dApps, you can check out my ecosystem website, which features over 114 protocols in different categories. Tips are always appreciated as they help keep the site running.

I’ve also started a WhatsApp channel where I post impromptu updates about airdrop activities. Feel free to join: (

For more insights, you can find me on Twitter: [@MetisCharter](\.

Now, go out there and conquer the chain!

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