Part 2: Arbitrum Airdrop 2.0 Latest Update

Part 2: Arbitrum Airdrop 2.0 Latest Update

These is how Arbitrum Airdrop 2.0 is going to look like.

These are the protocols that have made the final list of @arbitrum Short Term Incentive Program (STIP) and will be eligible for grants from the total pot of 50m $arb tokens alloted for the program.

  1. @CamelotDEX

2. @JonesDAO_io

3. @dopex_io

4. @GMX_IO

5. @Galxe

6. @LodestarFinance

7. @SocketDotTech

8. @TimeswapLabs

9. @RDNTCapital

10. @pendle_fi

11. @muxprotocol

12. @fraxfinance

13. @tallyxyz

14. @ryskfinance

15. @SiloFinance

16. @stellaxyz_

17. @goodentrylabs

18. @GammaStrategies

19. @UmamiDao

20. @MIM_Spell

21. @KyberNetwork

22. @OpenOceanGlobal

23. @AngleProtocol

24. @TraderJoe_xyz

25. @Dolomite_io

26. @PremiaFinance

27. @vertex_protocol

28. @perenniallabs

29. @Balancer

30. @WINRProtocol

Details here:

This how to qualify for @Arbitrum Airdrop 2.0 : Click Here!

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