New SocialFi: Enter Tipchat’s Pletora of Rewards

New SocialFi: Enter Tipchat’s Pletora of Rewards

How to use Tipchat

A while back, I delved into the Tipcoin Airdrop Craze with an Investigative hat and if you’re following me on Twitter, you might’ve even snagged some $Tip airdrop tokens for yourself. Interestingly, there’s still an opportunity to get hold of some $Tip tokens as they’ve allocated 35% of their airdrop supply for in-app rewards, which is precisely what this guide is about.

The Socialfi Craze!

The whole concept of SocialFi was kickstarted or gained popularity thanks to Friendtech. However, it seems like Tipchat has taken the framework laid by FriendTech, refined it, and crafted a smoother and more user-friendly app experience with fewer lags.

What’s Tipchat all about?
Tipchat operates as a monetized chat room. Upon registration, every user gets their own room. People can buy your PASS to access your room or trade your PASS. The more PASSes are bought, the higher the price increases based on your settings: low, medium, or high. These settings determine the speed at which your PASS price rises when purchased. To enhance the likelihood of your PASS being bought, I’ve got two suggestions. First, use a catchy Twitter username that resonates with the crypto community or mirrors a well-known crypto personality. Secondly, provide exclusive value within your chat room, which is precisely what I offer in mine. By the way, you might want to consider buying my PASS; you can find me at @Metischarter, and it’s still priced at less than $3 as of now. I’ll be sharing top-notch information and available round the clock for one-on-one discussions.

How to get started with TipChat?
1. Connect your Twitter account to Tipchat using this link:
2. Connect your wallet.
3. Deposit some ETH from the Ethereum Mainnet into your in-app wallet (the gas fee is around $5 at the moment, deposit around $10–20; note that the funds remain yours and can be withdrawn anytime — this step is to activate your account).
4. Wait for initialization, then set your PASS gear. I recommend setting it to medium to keep your PASS price low and attractive for buyers.
5. Be the first to buy your PASS.
6. You’ll receive notifications when people start buying your PASS (I’ve already had 9 people buy mine).
7. Share your referral link and engage in your chat room frequently to earn points.

Note: I noticed an issue with the DEPOSIT button on PC. To access the website on mobile:

1. Go to using Google Chrome on your mobile.
2. After a few seconds, it’ll prompt you to install the web app on your homepage.
3. Install it and access it from your apps.
4. Click on “Connect wallet,” and it will ask you to open MetaMask.
5. Open MetaMask, sign the transaction, deposit some ETH, and wait for initialization — you’re good to go.

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