Movement Airdrop Guide: A Binance Backed Move Based, EVM Compatible Layer 2

Movement Airdrop Guide: A Binance Backed Move Based, EVM Compatible Layer 2

Here, we stick to our tradition: we don't craft guides for airdrops we're not fully convinced about.

Movement stands out as a fresh Ethereum layer 2, driven by the Move programming language, the same one behind SUI. What's neat is that Movement seamlessly works with Aptos, Sui, and EVM wallets from the ground up.

And the support behind Movement speaks volumes—it's backed by the big names in crypto VC, with Binance Labs being the latest addition to the list.

I have a strong belief that Movement will do great, and here's why:

  • It is well funded (Disclosed amount: $41.4m, Undisclosed amount: upto $10m. Total:$50m+)

  • Backed by top VCs like Polychain Capital, Okx and Binance.

  • Being the first mover has its perks, and Movement is capitalizing on that. It's the pioneer, as far as I know, in implementing the Move language on an EVM-compatible chain among Layer 2 solutions.

  • To put it plainly, there hasn't been much buzz about this chain lately. I only spotted one tweet about Movement airdrop in the past week. Considering Movement's substantial funding, its Discord community of 60k members seems surprisingly small for a Layer 2 project.

How To Farm Movement Airdrop?

Movement is currently in testnet phase without major quests, However I've gathered some personalized tasks you can do now in preparation for any major quest.

  1. Join their Discord

  2. Grind roles by chatting in the general chat.

  3. Grind their Zealy Quest

  4. Bookmark their Galxe Page (Complete the two simple tasks there)

  5. Get Faucets on all wallets (Toggle MEVM and paste your evm wallet in M1 , M2 is for Aptos and SUI).

  6. Complete Testnet TX on RazorDex

  7. Read Movement Docs.

  8. If you are builder fill the Movement Builder form

I'm still figuring out how to deploy a smart contract on Move. Once I've got it down, I'll put together a simple tutorial on how to do it on Movement and share it with you.

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