MarginFi x Marinade The Solana Airdrops Saga Continues-Part 2

MarginFi x Marinade The Solana Airdrops Saga Continues-Part 2

Following the success of the Fluxbeam Airdrop that I shared in this article: Fluxbeam Airdrop Guide on Solana, there’s another upcoming Solana airdrop on the horizon — Jupiter Airdrop.

If you followed my Solana Airdrop Prepping Guide or interacted with the Fluxbeam bot on Telegram, you might already qualify for the Jupiter airdrops:

200 tokens for any swap

1000 tokens for $1000 Volume

3000 tokens for $10,000 Volume

20,000 tokens for $100,000 Volume

100,000 tokens for $1,000,000 Volume

Check your eligibility by pasting your address here: Solana Airdrop Checker. Then click CHECK. Details for claiming will be announced later in November. Keep an eye on my Twitter page or follow my WhatsApp channel.

Another ongoing Solana airdrop that I’ve written about is the Jito Network airdrop. Click here to read about the simple guide.

Today, I’ve brought you the MarginFinance Airdrop, which I covered in my first Solana Airdrops preparation guide. Given the successes of Fluxbeam and Jupiter, I believe it’s crucial to provide an in-depth guide to MarginFi airdrop.

This guide will help maximize your wallet’s eligibility for the MarginFi airdrop.

Here’s how to get started:Get your Phantom Wallet set up, If you don’t have it, download it here for mobile and browser ( mobile recommended)

  1. To get started, purchase Solana (SOL) from Binance or another platform like KuCoin.
  2. Next, copy your Solana wallet address from your Phantom wallet and send at least 1 SOL from Binance or your chosen platform to your copied wallet address using the Solana Network.
  3. There are various features on MarginFi, and using any of them will make you eligible for the airdrop. However, this guide focuses on a strategy to maximize your eligibility.

MarginFi Features

4. If you have JitoSOL (the token you get from staking SOL on the Jito Network), your first step is to stake your JitoSOL on MarginFi. If you don’t have JitoSOL yet, follow this guide to acquire some CLICK HERE for the guide.

Stake your JitoSOL

Stake SOL on Marinade

5. Now goto MarginFi. Click on the stake button and select JitoSol in the token selection panel. Stake all of it to receive the LST token in your wallet.

6. Afterward, go to the LEND tab and supply the LST token.

7. Proceed to the Swap tab and exchange some SOL for USDC. Do this daily.

Note that the bridge feature might not be working properly at the moment, so you can skip that part.

8. Next, visit Marinade Finance and stake some SOL to get mSOL (this action also qualifies you for the Marinade airdrop).

9. Return to MarginFi and click on LEND to supply your mSOL. If you have any SOL remaining, swap it for USDC using the swap feature and supply USDC to the lending pool.

10. If you’re experienced and confident in trading on Solana, you can explore the borrow tab. But, be cautious — having a negative health factor could lead to the liquidation of your deposited collateral. Borrow and repay quickly to avoid this.

For newcomers, I strongly advise against borrowing.

You can also Increase your MarginFi and Marinade Finance points by sharing your referral links with your alt wallet address and your friends.

That wraps it up! Good luck with your Solana endeavors. Happy hunting!

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