Linea Airdrop Guild

Linea Airdrop Guild

**Prepare for Linea, the Largest Airdrop Ever!**

@Linea, backed by an impressive $725M in funding from consensys, is about to drop the most significant airdrop in history! 🪂 Don’t miss this golden opportunity with a cost of just $20 and a potential gain of $10,000 💰 Follow these super instructive steps now to get in on the action! 👇

**Step 1: Set Up Your Wallet**

1. Visit
2. Scroll down and click on “Add Linea Mainnet”
3. Approve the action in your wallet to get started.

**Step 2: Bridge $ETH to Linea**

1. Go to
2. Enter the amount of ETH you wish to bridge.
3. Click “start bridging” and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

**Step 3: Connect Your Wallet to Orbiter Finance**

1. Head over to
2. Connect your wallet to the platform.

**Step 4: Swap $ETH for Any Tokens**

1. Visit
2. Connect your wallet to the platform.
3. Swap your $ETH for any tokens of your choice.

**Step 5: Swap $ETH for More Tokens**

1. Proceed to
2. Connect your wallet to the platform.
3. Swap your $ETH for additional tokens.

**Step 6: Provide Liquidity**

1. Visit
2. Connect your wallet to the platform.
3. Provide liquidity to earn rewards.

**Step 7: Explore NFTs on Zonic**

  1. Go to
    2. Connect your wallet and select the Linea network.
    3. Buy and sell NFTs to make the most of this incredible opportunity!

Repeat this daily until you max out your strength. happy hunting!

Linea, powered by ConsenSys, has already launched its Mainnet with a stellar start 🚀 The Mainnet’s NFT rewards distribution to Testnet users will play a crucial role in determining the final $LINEA allocation. So, don’t wait any longer! Follow these easy steps and get ready to secure your share in the groundbreaking Linea airdrop. 🌟 Happy investing!

(Note: Always exercise caution and do your research before participating in any cryptocurrency-related activities. The mentioned potential gains are subject to market fluctuations and individual circumstances.)

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