LiFi Protocol Airdrop- $24m Hidden Airdrop

LiFi Protocol Airdrop- $24m Hidden Airdrop

Lifi protocol Airdrop

I’ve come across an exciting airdrop opportunity that many of my readers likely already qualify for, especially if you followed my previous five-part series on the Layerzero airdrop. This guide aims to further enhance your standing and increase your wallet’s rank.

What is LiFi Protocol?
LiFi Protocol is a cross-chain bridge and DEX aggregation API provider or DeFi Liquidity API provider, tailored to fuel next-generation DeFi projects full fledged with it’s own explorer.

LiFi Protocol Funding
LiFi Protocol boasts a substantial funding of $23 million from prominent entities such as Coinbase Ventures, Circle, and CoinFund.

What is Jumper Exchange?
Jumper Exchange functions as LiFi’s bridge aggregator and flagship project, akin to Stargate for Layerzero. Every interaction on this platform grants access to LiFi Loyalty Pass, accumulating undisclosed Airdrop points.

The $LZRD Token
$LZRD, mentioned by LiFi itself in a 2022 tweet, hints at an impending airdrop. Jumper exchange seems notably underutilized. It’s probable that your typical Airdrop influencer missed this one. However, as long as there’s VC money to spare and $50 in my wallet, this Hunter won’t miss it.

$LZRD Token

I’m Jadeofwallstreet. I was a recipient of Arbitrum’s airdrop without even making an effort at farming. Since then, I’ve been fully engaged. In 2024, there’s going to be a deluge of airdrops, and my mission is to ensure that my readers are ready to seize those rewards when they start rolling in.


I stumbled upon another tweet from the Official LiFiProtocol account, suggesting a method to ensure eligibility for their airdrop. In August, they shared a tweet detailing how to check your platform usage score, correlating with airdrop points (REDACTED). See the tweet screenshot below.

Now, this guide will cover three crucial aspects:
1. Checking your Airdrop Score on Gateway (LiFi protocol quest partner).
2. Qualifying for the Lifiprotocol Airdrop and accumulating additional airdrop points.
3. Maximizing interactions on Jumper Exchange to simultaneously harvest Base, Zksync, and Linea Airdrops.

Let’s dive in.

Steps to Check your LiFi Protocol Airdrop points:
-1. Visit this URL, connect your wallet, and register your email then verify your via code sent you :
-2. Then, navigate to scroll down and click on LI.FI Loyalty Pass” to view your wallet scores.

Qualifying for Lifiprotocol Airdrop & accumulating more airdrop points:
-1. Visit
-2. Bridge ETH from Arbitrum to Base (any amount you can afford; more volume is better).

-3. Bridge ETH from Base to ZKsync.
-4. Bridge ETH from ZKsync to Linea.
-5. Proceed by bridging ETH from Linea to Optimism.
- Ensure to engage with at least six chains per month and space out these transactions.

Maximizing interaction on Jumper Exchange for Base, Zksync, and Linea Airdrops simultaneously:
-1. Explore additional assets such as RDNT, & STG,(Click on them to buy them on BSC) which adhere to Layerzero’s OFT standard (also offers reduced transaction fees).
-2 Bridge RDNT (an OFT) from BSC to Arbitrum (this interaction counts toward your Layerzero airdrop points).

Bridging RDNT

-3. Bridge STG from BSC to Arbitrum (vice versa)
-4. If you run out of gas on any chain, use the refuel feature on Bungee Exchange (a bridge aggregator from with no token, funded with $12.8 million).

I’m Jadeofwallstreet, your trusted crypto profit guide. Get ready to ride the crypto waves in style with me by your side!

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