Jito Airdrop Checker Now Live

Jito Airdrop Checker Now Live

The $JTO Airdrop Allocation Checker has been released! Anyone with a minimum of 100 points qualifies for it.

Jito was among the most significantly underfarmed airdrops that I extensively covered in my more than three-part series on Solana airdrops. If you participated in farming Jito extensively as per my guidance, you should be eligible for the Jito Airdrop.

Check your eligibility and airdrop allocation at: http://jito.network/airdrop/

Considering the current market conditions, even the lowest recipient of @jito_sol airdrop is likely to receive over $1,000 worth of $JTO. There are only 9,843 recipients for this airdrop, making it extremely exclusive.

I brought you $FluxB, $Jup, and now $JTO, all within the span of two months. Keep an eye on MarginFi and KaminoFi; I’ll be publishing more detailed guides on them today.

Be cautious of phishing links; the Airdrop Claim is not yet live. For official updates, follow Jito’s official Twitter handle: @jito_sol

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