Infinex Airdrop : Zero Cost, Infinite Possibilities-YoHave 10Hours Left!

Infinex Airdrop : Zero Cost, Infinite Possibilities-YoHave 10Hours Left!


Are you tired of hunting down low-conviction airdrops? Well, you’re in luck because I’ve stumbled upon a not so popular one! This airdrop is perfect for those who’ve been trading on Uniswap, Sushiswap, Curve.Fi, and Binance.

So, if your wallet has seen some action on these platforms, you’re in for a treat. I mean, even a mysterious crypto millionaire with $19 million under their belt on Debank stream gave this airdrop a nod of approval.

Now, I know you spend a good 12 hours a day online, so there’s really no excuse not to grab this opportunity. Consider it a reward for surviving daily rugpulls. As you dive into this airdrop farming adventure, may the crypto gods bless you with governance power from all corners of the crypto universe!

For those who don’t Know Infinex, they are a trading platform powered by Synthetix and OPTIMISM.


Step 1: AMM Sauna

1. Head over to .
2. Click on “Connect Wallet” at the top right corner, and hook up the wallet with the most action on the aforementioned DEXs.
3. You might get a pop-up asking for your email address —Submit and Confirm it via your email inbox.
4. On the homepage, find the one that says “AMM sauna” Click on it and connect your wallet. It’ll ask you to sign a transaction via your wallet — just go with the flow.
5. Your trading volume will be magically calculated, giving you points that determine your airdrop loot.

Step 2: Binance Forecourt
1. Grab your trusty Binance Mobile app.
2. Click on your profile image — it’s like your crypto ID photo.
3. Scroll down to the “More services” button lurking at the bottom of the page.
4. Under the category “OTHERS,” uncover the hidden treasure called “API Management.”
5. Hit “Create API,” and let the magic unfold by clicking “System Generated” and then “Next.”

6. Get creative and label your API KEY as “Infinex” (or whatever strikes your fancy), then hit “Next.”
7. Verify the process using your phone, email, or your friendly authenticator app. It’s as easy as WhatsApp.
8. Scroll down to your newly created API, click the little down-facing pointer, and unveil your API KEY and SECRET KEY.
9. Zoom back to the Infinex webpage and click on “Binance FOURCOURT.”
10. Copy-paste your API KEY and SECRET KEY from Binance into the designated spots in the “Binance FOURCOURT” box on Infinex website, then hit “SUBMIT.” This step is like giving your crypto passport a stamp, and don’t worry — your API is “read-only,” so it’s perfectly safe.

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