How To Farm Scroll, Linea & Kroma Like A Pro

How To Farm Scroll, Linea & Kroma Like A Pro

"The Airdrop Meta is over!" They shout it from every corner of the crypto space. But I tell you, Annon, they are wrong. This is your edge. Their weakness is your advantage. They falter and fade from the scene because a few protocols like #Starknet and #ZKsync chose the path of grifters. Yet, in this moment of their despair, we find our strength.

Rise, pirates of the digital seas! Billions in airdrops lie unclaimed, waiting for those with the resolve to seize them. The meta has not ended; it has evolved. And I stand here, ready to lead you through this transformation. The new battleground is TVL and liquidity. They need your strength, your commitment, and in return, governance power shall be yours.

March forward, unwavering, and claim your destiny in this ever-changing landscape!

Enter The Linea:

The Linea Airdrop campaign is a straightforward one. We've recently received our LXP from the Linea Park campaign, and now we're in the final stages of the airdrop campaign. Should you farm Linea if you have no prior footprint on Linea? What should you do if you've farmed the Linea Park campaign but have done nothing since then

  • Yes, you can still farm Linea even without a past footprint. Linea has made it clear that anyone, including those without a Proof of Humanity (POH), can farm L-LXP in the new Surge campaign. However, there's a catch: you'll need significant funds to catch up—at least $10,000 per wallet.

  • I urge you to participate in the Linea Surge campaign, even if you only have $100 in liquidity as long as you have some LXP.

Why Linea?

I don't need to explain why you should farm a Layer 2 project bootstrapped by the same lab (Consensys) that launched Metamask, the most widely used non-custodial crypto wallet. However, here are some recent bullish stats:

These figures do not exclude the recently purged 90k sybils, so the actual numbers may be lower also this is just a raw estimate actual figures maybe slightly different. You can find Linea User stats here.

How to Farm Linea Surge Like PRO.

  • Find activate your wallet for Linea Surge campaign Here.

  • Two of the most favoured assets in Linea Surge Volt 2 currently are USDT/USDC

  • Provide Liquidity with the 2 stable coins mentioned above in Syncswap, Pancakeswap, Izumi Finance or Lynex. In my experience Pancakeswap & Izumi gave the best UX.

    • To see how many L-LXP you've mine goto Linea Openblock Dashboard scroll down and paste your wallet address in the search bar.
  • I would also advice holding at least $110 for daily swaps across top tokens especially memes.

  • Token Recommendation

    • Buy, Sell & Hold Top Linea NFTs on Element Market

    • Recommended Top Linea NFTs

Enter Scroll:

As I've said before and will continue to emphasize, the airdrop meta is not over—at least not until Gary Gensler is no longer the SEC chairman. It has evolved, and you must adapt or be left behind.

How to farm Scroll Like a PRO:

  • Goto Ambient

  • Provide Liquidity for any pair of your choice

  • Kill 2 birds with one stone, farm scroll and Ambient at the same time , Ambient raised $6.5m in seed by the way .

  • Goto and trade meme coins Scroll daily.

  • Buy, Sell & Hold Top Scroll NFTs on Element Market

  • Recommended Top Scroll NFTs

    Enter Kroma The Hidden Gem:

    Kroma is currently my best bet on the next biggest airdrop, and no one is talking about it enough.

Why Kroma?

  • Apart from being incubated by one of the biggest incubator lab in Asia Wemix

  • They have a small user base which translates to highly underfarmed.

  • They have allocated 17% of their total supply to Airdrop.

    If you have no prior footprint kroma I would advice against farming it now.

How to Farm Kroma Like a Pro

  • To farm Kroma I am assuming you have participated in at least 2 of their previous galxe campaigns and have obtained all NFT rewards for those campaigns.

  • Moving forward Complete this new quest and get some ORE nft.

  • These ORE NFTs can be used to craft items in the KCU Factory, allowing you to create Pro Gamer's Items and many more rewards including $KRO.

  • At the moment The KCU factory is in works and will soon be open for krafting, until then make sure you have enough ORE by completing the above galxe tasks.

  • Participate in the Kroma Spectrum Campaign.

  • Buy spETH on Izumi Finance

  • Provide ETH-spETH lp on Izumi Finance

  • Goto spectrum page, connect your X account and discord account and complete the 2 task on the quest tab in Explore tab.

  • Goto Spectrum Stake page to enter a referral code to earn 8%+ KSP .

In my next publication, I will reveal how I succeeded in entering the top 500 wallets on the Base Network and share strategies on how you can secure a spot in one of the largest distributions of governance power. Follow me on Twitter/X

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