Here’s why SBF has’nt been arrested yet

Here’s why SBF has’nt been arrested yet

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Why Hasn’t SBF been arrested yet? I’ll tell you why. The day after Bernie Madoff confessed to orchestrating the biggest Ponzi scheme in history, the FBI showed up at his door and ask “Is there an innocent explanation to all of this?”. Bernie responded, there is none.

Well then. GUILTY! They slapped the cuffs on him. Gave him hundred 150 years.See later!

INTENT, my friend, INTENT. It’s all about intent. For SBF to be arrested on fraud charges, the Department of justice has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he had INTENT to commit fraud and actually did. INCOMPETENCE is not a CRIME. And he knows this.

His parents are both Stanford law professors, so I’m sure vegan villain was well aware of these legal loopholes just in case his crypto charade were ever unravel.

with over $1billion in undisclosed donations to the Democrats SBF ultimately flipped George Soros in amount donated to political courses by any individual in the US. I’m gonna say donating 7% of your ATH networth is a little too suspicious for a young billionaire.

That’s why he set, all IMs to auto delete remitted payroll via emojis, and had no accounting department. I mean, just look at this corporate structuring. Does this really strike you as an incompetent guy who just fucked up? .

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