Guide To Cosmos Ecosystem Airdrops-Injective, Celestia & The Rest

Guide To Cosmos Ecosystem Airdrops-Injective, Celestia & The Rest

The Solana airdrop season is starting to slow down, and to keep up the pace, I’ve gone out of my way to bring you the newest opportunity in town: the Cosmos Ecosystem airdrops.

The Cosmos Ecosystem offers a plethora of airdrop opportunities, from Celestia to Dymension, making it a hotspot for top-tier airdrops in 2024. After focusing on farming EVMs and collecting Solana Airdrops throughout 2023, we’re now eagerly anticipating our rewards. In the meantime, I’ll assist you in harvesting every possible airdrop available within the Cosmos Ecosystem.

Here’s what you need to do to qualify for all the airdrops in the Cosmos Ecosystem:


The first thing you will need are the following tokens

$ATOM (At least 11)

$OSMO (At least 75)

$INJ (At least 3.3)

$TIA (At least 20)

This will cost you around $650 . The more allocation you have the better.

You can get all of these tokens from the following CEXs:

  1. Binance Global

  2. Kucoin


  4. OKX

  5. Bybit


Download the Kepler Wallet HERE. It is the single most important app for accessing cosmos ecosystem dapps with the best UI/UX environment .

Create an account by using your gmail on chrome desktop. I would advise downloading it for both mobile and desktop and have them interconnected.


Click on “Deposit” and deposit your tokens as demonstrated below;

  1. Deposit $ATOM into wallet address labeled “Cosmos Hub”

  2. Deposit $INJ into wallet address labeled “Injective”

  3. Deposit $TIA into wallet address labeled “Celestia”

  4. Deposit $OSMO into wallet address labeled Osmosis.


Stake your tokens . Now there’s an arguement wether to stake to a new validator or to a top one. I have some desparity to these two arguements, if you stake to new validators you might miss out on some cosmos ecosystem airdrops who have’nt added them to their list but you might also qualify for that validator’s personal airdrop. If you stake on top validators you most likely would qualify for most cosmos ecosystem airdrops.

If you are a gigachad farmor Like myself you should have double allocation on each token of at least $100 them across Select validators below.

  1. To stake goto on your desktop, select the tokens accordingly.

  2. Stake $INJ to Stakecito Validator. If you have double allocation stake some to BlackPanther

  3. Stake $TIA to Enigma (Enigma has an airdrop coming) . If you have double allocation goto stake the rest $TIA there or choose Stakely and Polkachu (These two are IBC relayers).

  4. Stake $ATOM to Pryzm (Pryzm has an airdrop)

  5. Stake $OSMO to CryptoCrew, if you have double allocation stake them at Pryzm for ,maximum Pryzm airdrop.

Essentially you want to stake to IBC Relayer validators that are not in the top 10, doing so will acknowledge your wallet’s effort to cosmos ecosystem decentralization. Some of the Above Validators will most likely enter the top ten as Cosmos Ecosystem airdrop hype heats up. I encourage re-delegating your stakes to validators under top 10. Do not use a CEX validator your effort there will not receive credit .

I will drop a tutorial on how to do this in my whatsapp channel and TG group, I will also share list of IBC RELAYER validators THERE too.


  1. Vote on Proposals. To do this goto on desktop then you will see what governance proposals are available for you to participate in.

2. Another way to vote (Which is the best way in my opinion ) is to goto your mobile wallet and click on each chain (Cosmos, Celestia, Osmosis, etc). 3. then scroll down until you see “Governance” Under it will be proposals available to vote on.


Claim rewards. Every 24hrs endeavor to claim your rewards. to do this goto your wallet on desktop or mobile and click the claim all button.


This is the last step in our quest for Cosmos Ecosystem Governance power. It basically involves conducting certain organic activities across the chains we are using .

To do this we can swap tokens across Injective, Celestia, Cosmos, Osmosis etc. Goto to swap between cross chain tokens daily.

Disclaimer: Jadeofwallstreet blog is not affiliated with any of the protocols or platforms mentioned in this article. We do not promote or endorse any airdrop or reward program. The information provided is solely for educational purposes and should not be considered as financial advice or an endorsement of any particular protocol or airdrop opportunity. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise caution before participating in any airdrops or reward programs mentioned in this content.

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