FluxBeam Airdrop Guide on Solana

🚨Hunters! Solana is brimming with opportunities right now .

Here I bring you a swift guide to qualify for FluxBeam airdrop on Solana.

Fluxbeam is TG trading bot that just won Solana’s Hyperdrive Hackerthon at #BREAKPOINT2023. They also have funding from the Solana Foundation.

This project is very underfarmed, less than 30k users as at the time of this post. But you have to act fast as their token is dropping NOV 10.

see tweet from Solana Official: https://x.com/solana/status/1720502081759428997?s=20

👉Cost: $5–100 (Still your cash)

👉You can do this tutorial on your PC & Mobile

👉All you need is Telegram & Phantom Wallet

👉Goto: https://t.me/fluxbeam_bot?start=Rundysey

Don’t forget the racing stripes!

👉Fund your Fluxbot wallet with $Sol from your phantom wallet.

👉BUY tokens such as USDC

and keep swapping back and forth

👉Each swaps earns you Points. And POINTS=AIRDROP.

👉Share your referral Link

The first Solana Telegram trading bot, allowing users to quickly and easily interact with the Solana blockchaint.me](https://t.me/fluxbeam_bot?start=Rundysey "t.me/fluxbeam_bot?start=Rundysey")

Video Tutorial

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