Do This Now!

Do This Now!

The Race Begins — Do This Now to Avoid Losing Out!

  1. Consider ending all your airdrop farming activities, withdrawing from LPs, and selling any stablecoins you set aside for liquidity.
  2. Opt for a carefully curated collection of SHITCOINS and Narrative coins (More on them in my Bull Market Thesis coming later this week) .
  3. Keep the pedal to the metal with no hesitation until Bitcoin hits $50,895.33.
  4. There’s word circulating about the SEC communicating with potential Bitcoin ETF Issuers.
  5. These issuers are making updates to their filings.
  6. BlackRock’s Bitcoin ETF has been listed on the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation.
  7. A judge has instructed the SEC to reconsider Grayscale’s application for a spot ETF. All the signs suggest that something big is on the horizon. IT’S ALL PRICED I! #jadeofwallstreet

I’m Jadeofwallstreet, your trusted crypto profit guide. Get ready to ride the crypto waves in style with me by your side!

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