Cube Exchange The Coinbase Killer

Cube Exchange The Coinbase Killer


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What is Cube Exchange?

Cube is a start-up designing an innovative hybrid digital asset marketplace to revolutionize digital asset trading by combining the best features of both centralized and decentralized approaches.

Their user-centric platform is designed to allow users to secure their own assets and have access to liquid markets with radical transparency, security, and speed.

By addressing the challenges faced by traditional centralized exchanges and DeFi, Cube aims to become the go-to digital asset marketplace for market makers, institutional clients, and retail investors seeking a one-stop-shop solution.

key Details

Cube Exchange Launched 2 months ago.

They have Raised a total of $21m at $100m valuation .

They have a Points System to reward their early users.

This CEX-like exchange is so smooth,yet promotes Self-custody through their groundbreaking MPC Vault!

Don't take my word for it, try it out: CLICK HERE

At the moment available featureS includes:

  • Spot Swaps

  • Token Converts &

  • Bundled trades

How to farm for potential airdrop rewards? -

  • Register

  • Upload your ID &

  • Get verified

  • Deposit varieties of assets (I deposited SOL)

  • Rack up Volume! (See screenshot for reference) Goto Rewards tab & Claim your points! #CubeExchange#Airdrop!