Base, Zora & 3 in 1 Airdrop Strategy

🌅 Amidst all the chatter about BlackRock filing for an Ethereum ETF and the crypto market doing a happy dance, I decided to cook up a budget-friendly and foolproof method to boost those wallet points in the airdrop hunting game.

Today, we’ve got our sights on Base, Zora, and Mint.Fun. But before we dive in, let me give you the lowdown on each:

BASE: Although I dropped a BASE node setup tutorial HERE back in July . I’ve been neglecting dropping a proper Base airdrop guide for too long. I only dropped some tweets on my page. Base is an Ethereum scaling solution using the OP stack , born and nurtured by none other than Coinbase. I’m putting my chips on Base for several reasons. Coinbase, a CEX with a whopping 150 million Western users, has over 9,000 high-net-worth institutional funds under its custody. With Binance now the unanointed western son, Coinbase is primed to usher in the next billion people into decentralization. This is exacly why Base network was birthed. Base a cost-effective scaling solution for Ethereum, complete with the $BASE token will usher in 100m+ CEX users into decentralization.

ZORA: This NFT platform is rocking a cool 60 million in funding. If BLUR could airdrop $blur tokens up to $50k to it’s users with less than $12m in funding, just imagine what Zora’s airdrop could bring. Don’t sleep on this one.

MINT.FUN: They’re another NFT platform cruising with over $19.5m in funding, sans a token launch yet. 👉 You can also check out “My Mint.Fun Airdrop Strategy Part 1” (released in August but still as relevant as ever). HERE .

Since Blur dropped $10–50k to its users, I’ve been taking NFT platforms seriously especially those with juicy VC money. Currently, my main hustle is farming ZORA and Mint.Fun in the NFT category.

Before we get into the guide it’s important to note that this tutorials is to be spread across several days upto 2 months . You can perform 1 transaction affecting each platform per day until you run out of tasks.

Now let’s get into the guide. We are going to start off with the bridging:

  1. Goto and bridge some ETH from any layer 2 such as arbitrum or if you are feeling very fly and would like to throw money around for the native bridge point goto to and bridge some ETH from Ethereum. ( I must warn you, this is an expensive endeavor).

2. Get these Base Official NFTs if you have money to throw around (Not a requirement, but might be worth a thing or two in the future);

  1. Base Subscription NFT (on OP) for $0.82 CLICK HERE
  2. Base introduced NFT for $2.96 CLICK HERE
  3. Base Day One for $2.94 Bridge to Base for $0.2 CLICK HERE
  4. Base for Builders. for $0.18 (get this one 👀) CLICK HERE
  5. Bridge to Base for $0.2 CLICK HERE

3. Follow My No code Tutorial HERE to deploy a smart contract on BASE

4. Goto and Mint the Hunters of the Century Free NFT.

5. Goto and bridge at least $10 worth of ETH from Ethereum mainnet to Zora. This is Zora native bridge, It gives your wallet a unique point: at the time of this tutorial gas cost was $5.74. We will probaby not see a lower gas fee than this as we enter the bull market so I encourage you use the native bridge now.

6. Goto and Mint Free Hunter Mutant Gang NFT on Zora Network.

7. Goto and Mint Free Layerzero warrior Hunter Mutant Gang NFT on Base Network

8. Goto and Mint the Free Airdrop Pirates NFT on Zora Network.

9. and Mint the Airdrop Hunters free NFT on Base Network.

10. Goto and Mint the Sojourners of the HighSea Free NFT on base network.

To rack up more transactions on Base, Zora Network and Visit daily On the Zora network/Base network, select any free collection and navigate to its page. Click on “Mint” To mint an NFT for only 2 cents, set gwei in MetaMask to 0.0001.

Here’s another cool move that could boost your airdrop potential: craft your very own NFT collection on Zora. Follow these steps:

Head over to

  • Fill all the necessary fields
  • • Hit “Create project” and sign the transaction in MetaMask.

If you follow this comprehensive guide over the course of one month straight you will succesfully qualify your wallet for Base, zora and airdrops.

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