Base, Scroll, Polygon zkEVM, Airdrop Guide-Mint NFTs

Base, Scroll, Polygon ZKevm Airdrop guide

Hunters! This airdrop guide is a special 3 in 1 airdrop guide, exclusively packaged for increasing your wallet active days and transaction counts on Base, Scroll, & Polygon zkEVM.

This will be straight forward, It involves minting of NFTs daily on Base, Scroll, & Polygon zkEVM .

Bull Hunters on BASE Network

The Bull Hunters: A Theatric Art Collection is a Step into a world where artistic mastery converges with the primal essence of human endeavor. “The Bull Hunters” art collection stands as a poignant testament to the symbiotic relationship between tradition, valor, and the untamed spirit of the governance power pursuit.

The gallery beckons you into an immersive experience, guiding you through a labyrinth of vibrant strokes, bold textures, and captivating compositions. As you traverse the halls, the air crackles with an electric fusion of anticipation and reverence for the subject matter encapsulated in each piece.

Each canvas pulsates with the raw intensity of the hunt, vividly capturing the vigor and determination of those embarking on the governance power quest. Through the masterful play of light and shadow, the artistry breathes life into the archaic narrative of the hunters & Farmoors — a timeless saga that transcends generations.

  • There are only 50 available to mint, so only the first readers will most likely get in.
  • You are advised to mint only 1 per day to increase your active days

Base Lions on BASE Network

‘Base Lions’ — is an extraordinary NFT art collection that encapsulates the entire odyssey of hunting governance power.

Within this digital sanctuary, the canvases come alive with a symphony of colors, strokes, and digital artistry, narrating a compelling saga of pursuit, authority, and evolution. Each NFT within the ‘Base Lions’ collection stands as a testament to the unyielding quest for governance influence.

  • You can mint as many as you want per day.

The DAO Ripper NFT on Base Network

DAO Ripper NFT; In the chilling depths of the digital realm, The DAO Ripper” lurks, embodying the heartless pursuits of governance power takers.

The screen flickers to life with an eerie ambiance, casting an ominous glow that sends shivers down the spine. In a mere heartbeat, the scene unfolds — a haunting visage of darkness shrouded in malevolent intent.

The art captures a spectral figure, cloaked in shadows and wielding an aura of malevolence. Its presence exudes an aura of ruthless determination, a being devoid of mercy or compassion. With spectral hands outstretched, it tears through the fabric of governance, rending and seizing power with unforgiving precision.

In a whirlwind of darkness and spectral energy, the tagline echoes ominously: “Your governance power is mine.”

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