Are you Late To These Airdrops?


This message is for those who think they’re late to the airdrop game and was prompted by a message i saw on discord. see screenshot below;

Truth is, you’re not — I’ve been in crypto for 6 years and only started actively hunting this year.

The wake-up call was the March arbitrum airdrop, where I scored thousands of dollars just for using the chain.

No need to chase old airdrops like layerzero if you’re just starting. Focus on these fresh ones:

1. BASE Network Airdrop: Launched in July 2023

2. Scroll Mainnet Airdrop: Launched in October 2023

It maybe months before these two airdrops drop but you would have the opportunity to rack up points into the top 10% of all qualifiers.

If you’re serious about airdrops, consider setting aside $100-$1000 for airdrop to follow my guides. Your ROI should easily exceed the gas fees.

If you’re unsure about funding wallets, hit me up in my Twitter DMs for guidance.

Alternatively, create an account on centralized exchanges like Binance to fund your wallets.

Use this Ref link to create an account on Binance:

Happy hunting!

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