Airdrop Updates-Aleo Testnet,Wormhole and Many more

Airdrop Updates-Aleo Testnet,Wormhole and Many more

Hunters! it’s been quite a rollercoaster in the airdrop space lately, and we’ve had some wins in airdrops, mostly tier C ones like FluxBeam, Jupiter (which is yet to be airdropped), and Jito Network that just announced a snapshot was taken on Nov 25th. If you farmed Fluxbeam, you might already qualify for the $Jup airdrop — check your eligibility here:

This update is to quickly fill you in on what’s new and the crucial actions to take regarding the airdrops we’re farming. Let’s dive in.

JITO NETWORK: After the success of the Fluxbeam airdrop on Solan where some of us made quick gains in a week of farming, Jito Network revealed that the snapshot was taken on Nov 25th. Wallet eligibility check for the airdrop will be live on the official Jito Network in 2 days. Activities like staking Sol on Jito network, referrals, and other point-earning endeavors will count toward your airdrop. If you followed my Solana Airdrop Farming strategy parts 1 to 3, you’re likely eligible. Consider unstaking your Sol from Jito Network and await further announcements. Our hunt there is finished.

MARGINFI: I noticed an increase in MarginFi users earlier today, resulting in my wallet rank dropping despite having several multiplier points and running borrowing, lending, and referrals activities simultaneously. Due to saturation, I’ve withdrawn all my funds from Marginfi and allocated them elsewhere. I’m banking on my earned points for the $mrgn airdrop.

KAMINO FINANCE: I’m still farming Kamino, an undervalued lending protocol on Solana, though their slow website makes farming a hassle. Points are yet to be launched, but once launched, all on-chain activities like lending and borrowing on Kamino will count retroactively (confirmed by the team). To farm Kamino:

  1. Swap $SOL to $USDT on Jupiter:
    2. Go to , connect your (Solana) phantom wallet
    3. “Supply USDT to earn 11.59% APY

4. Borrow 70% of available ETH for -1% APY.”

WORMHOLE: L0 is getting a CONTEST and I love it! Wormhole, raised $225M today. An airdrop is imminent (Preparing guide today). They’re offering an exclusive “Early adapter” role to all members of their Discord server until the end of the day. Join and verify at

ALEO TESTNET: #AleoFaucets are back. If you missed doing the Aleo testnet tasks due to the lack of faucet tokens, now’s your chance. Visit, To Greenlist Your Address, then head to Aleo Discord, locate the faucet channel, and request faucet tokens with your greenlisted wallet. Goto my Aleo testnet guide and start testing

Paste your Leo Wallet address

Complete capchat, click “Paint it Green” to Get this message

request faucet tokens using this format, not more than 15 pls.

check your LEO wallet to see your test tokens

LINEA: Lastly, invest some real money to complete the remaining waves on Linea voyage. I anticipate a single wallet will cost up to $100 in gas fees before the voyage ends. There are 10 waves, and we’ve only completed 3 so far.

I tuned in to Linea DeFi Voyage: Proof of Humanity Space and picked up some interesting insights:
👉 Linea has been working for months on an anti-sybil technology set known as
👉 is designed to issue Proof of Humanity attestations, including reputation scores and credibility scores.
👉 is set to be available for mainnet use as a Proof of Humanity technology next week.
👉 Alongside other criteria, Galxe Passport and Gitcoin passport points will also influence a wallet’s Proof of Humanity status.

I will do a tutorial on how to increase your wallet scores on gitcoin and how to mint a Galxe Passport.

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