Airdrop To Do List Part 6

Airdrop To Do List Part 6

This episode of the Airdrop to-do list series is overflowing with crucial information. Here we are, tirelessly farming Solana airdrops, completely oblivious to the fact that some major ones on Ethereum are being overlooked.

Don't be fooled by the billion-dollar TVL figures. These airdrops boast super niche characteristics, with participant numbers as low as 4,000 despite their high TVL. I saw a Twitter post showcasing a whale who splurged $10 million into Ethena.Fi. Let's put this into perspective: Ethena has a TVL of $274 million. Now, here's my theory: In order to prevent the concentration of governance power, Ethena.Fi will likely be compelled to implement a tiered system for their airdrop. This move will ensure that smaller participants like us receive a fair share of the Ethena.Fi Airdrop pie, much like what happened with the JTO Airdrop.

Let's get into this:

Ethena.Fi has over $20.5m in funding + an undisclosed amount of funding from Binance Labs 6days ago. They operate a new dollar stablecoin with ticker USDe. They achieved a TVL of $298m in less than 4days. They currently have less than 5000 users with than TVL. It's a whale's game but it's pointless and you have a good chance even if you are a crab like me just like I pointed out above .

How to Farm Ethena.Fi

The current best way to farm Ethena.Fi is to buy and hold USDe for 5x shards per day or push it further by locking your USDe for 10x shards per day.

  1. Goto Ethena.Fi

  2. Transfer USDT from CEX to your wallet address on Ethereum mainnet (Binance cheaper at $8)

  3. Buy USDe using your deposited USDT gas was $16 as at the time of this tutorial

  4. Goto the Liquidity Tab & lock your USDe for 10x multiplier gas is $10

  5. LP caps are full however I think they will open up again, I will be sure to update you when they do, it typically fills up in hrs so make sure you are keeping up with the group on TG or on twitter.

  • Base Airdrop

    My thesis on base still stands , the airdrop will be massive. 4 days ago Brian Armstrong raised speculations of a possible Base airdrop, see tweet below and it's my duty to prepare every follower of the jadeofwallstreet blog.

How to farm base airdrop?

Like I've said before the traditional retro means of farming airdrops is obselete, Now you have to play by their rules. I don't make the rules they do.

  1. Buy BASEd and Optimistic Base Subscription NFT at $29

  2. Buy Base Introduced NFT at same price

  3. Buy Base for Builders NFT for less than $3

  4. Buy Bridge To Base NFT for less than $3

  5. Buy Base Day One NFT for $29

  6. Buy Base NFT summer for less than $3

  7. Buy the Coinbase Coin Earnings NFT for less than $3 if you did'nt participate in the free mint when I shared it.

  8. Complete The Base quests on Galxe Here and mint the OATs.

  9. Complete the BASE Onchain Daily Quest on Layer3 here and mint the NFT.

  10. Goto Base Guild Page and claim all the roles you qualify for

  11. Get a Coinbase Account and verify your ID (This will come in handy, call up your family members and ask them to send you their IDs, consent is important😆)

  • Linea Airdrop

    Don't be mad about Linea starting a new campaign. I genuinely think they're gearing up for one of the most well-executed airdrops ever. So, go with the flow and be open to being farmed😆.The good thing is, gas fees are lower now, and you can easily spin up new family wallets to gift them at least 200 LXP each.

How to Farm Linea Airdrop?

  1. Make sure you have Linea Proof of humanity for all your wallet addresses , get it done here:

  2. You still have 48hrs to bridge from any network to Linea via polyhedra's ZKbridge , It was having issues hours ago, not sure if they've been resolved. (Expires feb 22)

  3. Linea Park Campaign is Live join HERE

    • Superform Airdrop

Superform raised $6.5m in seed funding with Brian Pellegrino (Layerzero founder) as one of their backers. They are a yield marketplace. There's a unique twist to this airdrop, Depositing ETH into one of their Vaults triggers 18 EVM contracts, including Hyperlane, LayerZero and others. And you know what that means. Superform has a whitelist only access 1 hour ago they made the following announcement "Everyone who completes the Quest will earn a unique NFT that grants you access to the Superform app!".

Complete this quest to get access to their app .

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