Airdrop To Do List Part 5

Airdrop To Do List Part 5


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Because time is so precious, let's cut the fluff and get right to it, shall we?


  • Meteora: Airdrop communication has been precise, you have 3 weeks to spin a good drop because this little known protocol incubated by the same founders of Jupiter is heavily underfarmed with less than 15k farmers (I'm being conservative with those numbers, when I first wrote about them in our Private TG weeks ago they had less than 2k users) , You can outperform every other farmers on this platform by following this strategy: ! [Meteora points system](

    1. Swap Sol into equal part between $JUP & $BONK on Jupiter.

    2. Navigate to DLMM Pools on Meteora.Locate $JUP-BONK pool with the "2x rewards" tag.

    3. Click on the + sign to add Liquidity.

    4. Choose the "Curve" volatility Strategy.

  1. Then bring the scroll bars closer to current price of the pool as demonstrated in the screenshot below :

    ! [Meteora points system] (

  2. The closer it is to the current price the more fees you generate.

  3. The more fees you generate the more points you get, with $500 you can generate well over $20 per day.

  4. However you have to keep an eye on the pool as volatility may make your pool shift out of the price range.

  5. Keep in mind you might incur impermanent loss using this strategy as one asset are Swapped into another.

Drift Protocol raised over $27.3m and last time I checked they had just 32k users with majority of those having 5k points, I believe there's a big chance of netting a good airdrop. I am not a fan of PERP dexes for airdrops, they are a honeypot for beginner traders and I wouldn't advise anyone to open trades on them without a good R/R. However Drift protocol caught my attention with these Metrics

  • Cheap fees

  • Underfarmed

  • Well funded (more than most PERP dexes that are popular on X time-line)

Open delta neutral trades via two unconnected wallets to be on the safe side.

  • Zetamarket: Alot of you requested I talk about Zetamarket, A protocol I haven't farmed yet because as you I know don't take PERP dexs except the Metrics are too good to ignore. Although Zeta Market points system is now in season 2, it appears we have a good chance positioning for their airdrop.They have $8.5m in funding and At the time of writing this To do List, I have no information about their userbase however I drew conclusion from their TVL which is set at $14m and compared it with drift's $162m in TVL, so I put their user base to be no more than 15k which is pretty low. The best way to farm Zeta is to snag one of their season 2 cards at 0.54Sol on Tensor to double your points as you trade. Unfortunately Zeta is not available on mobile, you need a pc to access their platform.

  • ZkSync: It is no news ZkSync is dropping Q2 of 2024. Here are some important activities you should consider doing to stay ahead of the curve.

  1. Complete ZkSync Guide, It's hard but free, do it now.

  2. If you've farmed zksync for more than 1 year, the best way to seal your OG status is to Snag a zksync Libertas Omnibus NFT at $263.

  3. Over the weekend try using ZkSync Native bridge if you haven't before now. Volume doesn't matter.

  4. Create a account between 2 or more wallets you own and conduct at least 2 TX on them. I wrote a tutorial on this in one of my zksync airdrop series, you can use the search bar on my blog here to find it.

  • Kroma X LogX:

If you've been farming Kroma, Log x and Orderly Network then you have to complete this Galxe Quest to stay ahead of the curve. Expires on 29th of February.

LAYER 2 Saga

Starknet has proven once again that Layer 2 airdrops are the airdrops with the best conviction. They never fail, There's been some descrepancies with the Starknet airdrop allocation set this , however those who got allocation will eat well as $STRK is currently trading above $2.73 on aevo PERP dex.

Starknet has demonstrated that Layer 2 airdrops are the most reliable. They consistently deliver. Although there have been some descrepancies with the allocation of Starknet airdrop mentioned in this tweet, those who received allocations will eat well as $STRK is currently trading above $2.73 on aevo PERP dex. My point is L2 airdrops (the major ones) are the airdrops you should be grinding hard At, this post is a reminder of the major L2 that you should be grinding:

  1. Base : I've always been confident about Base. I've been farming it since day one, even though many believe it will never tokenize. However, I believe differently; I think it will eventually tokenize.

  2. Scroll: With Over $80m in funding Is no reason why you shouldn't farm this L2. Small swaps here and there does the trick.

  3. Polygon ZkEVM: Although already tokenized, I believe Sandeep has what it takes to pull one of the biggest Airdrop in crypto again, this L2 is heavily underfarmed as a result of gas cost. A little swaps here and there doesn't hurt, time will tell.


  • LayerZero: Bid a name on
    My speculation is that if LayerZero initiates a V2 criteria, you will qualify via interaction with

  • LiFi/Jumper: Complete a bridge to Linea, and Mint this NFT.

This is the end of the posts folks, I am far away from work desk forks, I typed this shiit on my tiny Samsung s23. Use this information well and let it profit you.

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