Airdrop To Do List - Part 4

Airdrop To Do List - Part 4


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Time is expensive, let's get in on it.

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  1. HyperLane:
    Here's an update on Hyperlane: In the previous part of this series, I talked about doing a round trip through a centralized exchange (CEX) for the Nautilus Bridge task. However, I've recently discovered that you can directly bridge $ZEBEC from the Nautilus chain to the Binance Smart Chain or Solana.

  2. Ultimate Solana Airdrop Strategy:

I haven't forgotten about my "Gigachad Strategy" series. I've managed to spin off another one, so take a look and see if it fits your style. If you're still keen on farming major Solana airdrops, this strategy could be just what you need.

  1. Interact with Layerzero v2:

    Bid a name preferably non competitive name on Cluster.

  2. Wormhole:

Complete this Wormhole quest.

  1. Polygon ZKEVM:

    Complete this Quest.

  2. Dymension:

    Keep an eye on $DYM for those who qualified. If you didn't qualify, you can either speculate or stake the token. Personally, I'm avoiding staking any token other than ETH. For those who didn't qualify for the airdrop, I highly recommend speculating on the token instead of staking. I've noticed some FUD circulating, so it's wise to watch carefully before making any decisions.

  3. Linea's LXP drop 2.0 is on the horizon. If you took part in the Linea activation tasks that I shared, you're hopefully eligible for this drop. Depending on the number of activation tasks you completed, you'll receive between 100 and 700 LXP. You still have until February 12th to complete their Proof of HODL (POH) requirements.. You can do so HERE.

  4. Orderly Network:

    They've been quite vocal about their airdrop so far. Make sure you're farming Logx (ref code: 0848EEB5) & WooFi Pro to qualify for the Orderly Network airdrop. Additionally, if you're using the NEAR Protocol, you can farm these other three protocols that are integrated with Orderly Network: Ref Finance, Jump DeFi, and BTSE DEX.

  5. Redstone:

Redstone has all the potential to execute a semi TIA type Airdrop. This is hands down the top airdrop that anyone with limited capital should be diving into. I'll admit, I personally only farmed for a single day, and my ranking still holds within the top 10,000 wallets, even though I stopped weeks ago. You can start farming this airdrop with absolutely no initial investment. If you're up for going the extra mile, consider leaving some on-chain footprints by exploring Dapps that integrate Redstone Data Infrastructure. You can find live Redstone Dapps right here. Farm this instead of Marginfi.๐Ÿ˜‰

  1. Meteora:

This is hands down the most overlooked airdrop on Solana right now, especially with the triumph of JUPITER. This airdrop is poised for greatness and could very well replicate the success of JTO's airdrop. To make the most of your MET points, you can directly add liquidity on the website under the DLMM tab. Additionally, consider joining bonus pools (those with JUp/Other tokens pairs), where you earn 1000 points for every $1 you earn in fees.

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