Airdrop To Do List Part 3

Airdrop To Do List Part 3

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We are currently experiencing very favorable market conditions, leading projects to put in relentless efforts to boost their airdrop campaigns in order to attract users. Points systems are prevalent everywhere, and the abundance of Airdrop threadoors isn't making things any easier.

The indiscriminate promotion of airdrops by this airdrop threadoors, even those that are not worth farming or have already completed airdrops, is a concern. I often come across your favorite Airdrop threadoors endorsing projects that have already conducted airdrops, and it makes me question whether these individuals are automated bots, live under a rock, or simply don't prioritize the quality of content they share with their readers, as long as they achieve high Twitter impressions.

This is precisely why I've created a comprehensive series that covers top airdrops and outlines the crucial steps you need to take to qualify for them.

So far I have done two parts in this series which you can find here:

  1. Part 1

  2. Part 2

Let's dive into it.

Here's a list of specific actions related to niche airdrops that you should take right now:

  1. Layerzero V2:

    Layerzero released its V2 just 48 hours ago, and a few dapps have already integrated the updated infrastructure into their systems. Interestingly, there's not much buzz around farming the Layerzero airdrop anymore. As Bryan mentioned, the "Snapshot announcement will be loud and clear." Therefore, I believe engaging with Layerzero V2 will be a niche requirement to meet our goal of qualifying for the Layerzero airdrop.

    Here are some dapps that have successfully incorporated Layerzero V2:

    1. Clusters: Clusters is a cross-chain, multi-wallet name service protocol built by Layerzero:

      Actions: Goto imput your email and click submit to get access & notified when they launch, (Do this for as many wallet you are using to farm layerzero).

    2. Abracadabra (Stablecoin): We will skip this one because they got exploited 24hrs ago.

    3. Tapioca: Tapioca DAO is an omnichain lending platform with close relation to layerzero. TapiocaDAO is a $6m funded project has hinted on doing airdrop too.

      Actions: Join their discord, If you are a whale or like niche super undiluted airdrops buy the Pearl Club ONFT HERE for 1.2ETH . Join their Guide and gain roles. Mint WETHM on Arbitrum Tapioca Testnet, Then Mint USDO by depositing WETHM via the MINT tab. Use the teleport feature to bridge USDO to Avalanche. You can get Arbitrum Goerli testnet token form HERE. ask questions below when you encounter any problem.

      Stay tuned when more layerzero v2 apps drops I will include them in the next to do list serie.

  1. HyperLane:

    Hyperlane is the permissionless interoperability layer pioneering a modular security architecture that empowers developers to own and customize their security stack. May I add that they are a $18.5m funded project, It surprised me how undiluted this airdrop is , everything looks perfect for a take off yet no airdrop threadoors know exactly how to farm this. I am all for anything that includes 'modular' to their wordings, so I dugged in and heres what you can do by the way if you used layerzero v2 above chances are you have hyperlane interactions as Layerzero implements hyperlane modular systems for their modular security architecture.


    1. Nexus: Use their native Dapp Nexus to bridge $Tia from Celestia to Arbitrum at the moment you can only bridge from celestia to neutron and other evms like Manta and Arbitrum. To do a round trip, swap Tia on Arbitrum to ETH and send to any CEX available to you like binance or kucoin, buy Tia on there and send it back to your kepler wallet then repeat the bridge process to arbitrum from celestia. In part 4 of this series I will figure a more efficient way to do this.

    2. Superform: Is a universal Yield Marketplace powered by Hyperlane, they just announced early access to their dapp 12hrs ago, to gain early access you have to join their discord and complete these activities on their guide page.

    3. EigenLayer: Will integrate Hyperlane architecture later in feb, you will get an update in this series when they do.

    4. NautilusBridge: NautilusBridge is a bridge powered by hyperlane to bridge Zebec ZBC across bnbchain,Solana & Nautilus. Buy ZBC from ApeSwap on Bnbchain then goto and bridge ZBC to solana, you can repeat the bridge to complete several circle.

  2. Debridge:

    Debridge is a $5.5m funded interoperability protocol.Recently a teased a point system for their airdrop. Bridge to solana from any EVM is instance: Bridge HERE.

  3. Squidrouter:

    Squidrouter, the cross-chain messaging app, is likely familiar to many of us. Just 24 hours ago, they revealed securing $4 million in funding. As a rule of thumb, if venture capital money is flowing in that direction, it's worth considering. Squidrouter acts as a bridge across EVMs and Solana. A few hours ago, they shared a link to mint their birthday NFT, though the minting opportunity has now closed. Stay tuned for further updates.


    This lesser-known, authentic airdrop has been circulated within our private communities on WhatsApp and Telegram channels. To gain access to the WhatsApp channel, simply click the link at the top of this page.

  5. PARCL:

    Surprisingly, Parcl appears to be significantly underfarmed with fewer than 100,000 farmers. Given its potential, I highly recommend everyone consider getting involved. It possesses all the elements to replicate a success story like JITO. Well-funded with over $11.6 million, Parcl is strategically positioned as the leading entity on Solana in the RWA category. Additionally, its airdrop NFT, the HOME OWNERS ASSOCIATION NFT, is already fetching $1,500 or more. Goto register and use code "CF" to get 5% point bonus .

  6. LogX:

    LogX is a $5.1m funded perp exchange, open delta neutral trades on two wallets (that is short position on one wallet and long on the other on same asset) use ref code: 3B604176 to trade on mantle and get 100% fee rebates.

  7. HyperLiquid:

    HyperLiquid stands as a well-FUNDED perpetual decentralized exchange (perp dex), with funding details not readily available. However, it's worth noting that they boast nearly $9 million in undisclosed funding. Similar to LogX, you have the capability to initiate delta-neutral positions on two wallets. Get started with your trading journey! HERE.

  8. Orderly Network:

    Orderly Network with $20 million in funding is a cohesive trading infrastructure housing numerous decentralized apps. If you're currently involved in farming Logx, there's a good chance you've already left some footprints in the Orderly Network. Enhance your engagement by completing their Galxe quest to ensure everything is in perfect order.: QUEST!

  9. RhinoFi:

    This isn't your typical airdrop; it's actually a $50,000 referral quest. Surprisingly, there aren't many participants yet – only 400 at the time of this post. If the $50,000 were to be divided among 1,000 people, everyone would receive $50. I'm just pointing out that perhaps only 50 people might qualify for this, which would mean a substantial amount of money for each. So, why not try your luck by participating HERE.

  10. Puffer.Fi:

    Puffer functions as an Ethereum Validator Network specializing in Eigenlayer restakes. As a well-funded project, they have amassed nearly $10 million in both disclosed and undisclosed funding, their last raise was led by Binance labs the VC that brought you Arkham. Their approach is quite straightforward – there's an upcoming airdrop, and participation is exclusively reserved for those engaging in their gamified restaking QUEST. To do the quest you need stETH from EIGENLAYER, once you have your stETH go HERE and follow the gamified steps to restake.

  11. AXIOM:

    Here comes another impressive Paradigm Mega Airdrop. If there's one venture capital firm that excels at delivering enticing Mega Airdrops, causing the entire crypto community to regret missing out, it's Paradigm. This VC has brought us gems like Uniswap, Blur, and Starknet. On January 25, 2024, they spearheaded a $20 million funding round for Axiom, an on-chain data service provider that recently announced its mainnet just a week ago.

    Similar to Hyperlane, there hasn't been a single post about this airdrop, probably because it's quite challenging to farm unless you're already a developer. Unfortunately, this Airdrop Guide is redacted. Navigate your way to ourWhatsApp channelor TG group, where we'll be discussing how to navigate and farm this airdrop.

  12. Orbiter Finance:

    If you've being farming Orbiter Finance, You might want to complete their new 0-Point Quests that is expiring February 12th. It requires you to bridge back and forth Manta from any Layer 2. Make sure all the points turn grey to earn the points.

  13. EigenLayer Point Max Out Strategy

    This strategy promises to give more eigenlayer points than the normal restaking method;

    1. Goto Ether.Fi

    2. Register your email to get 5000 royalty points. qualify you for etherfi airdrop in april.

    3. Connect your wallet and Stake ETH to get eETH

    4. Under portfolio u can see pendle option. click on pendle. it will bring you to their eEth LP Pool on Pendle. You can restake eETH to get 38% APY instead of 3.75%,You can also collect eigenlayer points and Etherfi loyalty points ( 1X). There is no lock. You can withdraw your asset anytime.

    1. If you are feeling extra lucky, here is the exciting part. Go to pendle markets and search for eEth pools. You will see PT n YT pool.

    2. Go to YT pool n deposit your eETH, the amount of eETH you are ok to ‘burn’.

You will get 11x eigenlayer points and etherfi loyal points🤯 till 27 june 2024.


  1. Hypercomic:

    If you have more than 60tx on zksync remember to claim $hyco airdrop from Hypercomic which will be available to 15k claimers in 7hrs on a FCFS basis.

  2. Unblocked: For those of you who haven't started farming this yet, I strongly recommend taking it seriously, especially since it won't cost you nothing but time. We're talking about a straightforward $15 million funded project. New users, who dive into the Unblocked Quests ( with my referral code will receive 3500 UCP! (converts to $LOYAL at launch)

    Code: VtoUKM4OLQ

  3. Carv Protocol: Carv Protocol is a $4m game/socialfi project. Complete several different daily quests like connecting your social media and gaming accounts to earned "SOULS" that you can carve. start HERE.

This is the end of your Airdrop to do List part 3. You can find the first two part of this series here;

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  2. Part 2

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