A Comprehensive Guide to Redstone - A Modular Data Oracle

A Comprehensive Guide to Redstone - A Modular Data Oracle


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I finally looked into Redstone. so far everything looks good. I'm going the spare you the gospel and get down to business.

What is Redstone?

Just like Celestia Redstone is a Modular data oracle. It is actually the first Modular Data Oracle to ever exist.

How much does Redstone has in total Funding?

Redstone has a total of $7m in disclosed funding from Coinbase Ventures and others . They also raised an undisclosed fund in a different round from angel investors such as Polygon founder Sandeep Nailwal , Aave Founder Stani Kulechov , Alex Gluchowski Emin Gun Sirer Richard Ma and several other investors which should be upwards of $10m.

How do I Interact with the Redstone Ecosystem?

Surprisingly It's simple, and I think $0 dollar users have a time to shine on this one. Do these;

  • Complete this simple galxe task: CLICK HERE

  • Join Redstone Discord, Connect your wallet address in the #warpy channel by typing the /Linkwallet command. DO THIS BEFORE TYPING MESSAGES IN THE GENERAL CHAT OTHERWISE IT WON'T COUNT.

  • Be active on their Discord, you can earn RSG (RedStone Gems ๐Ÿ’Ž) ;

    Write messages on Discord

    Give reactions on annoucements

    Boost the server to earn RSG x2

    Participate in campaigns

    Get as many role as possible.

  • If you create contents like myself, then consider applying to Redstone Monthly Hall of fame HERE.

  • Complete Redstone Zealy Quests to get roles HERE, Follow this Guide.

  • Interact with Projects using Redstone data Infrastructure, This is a niche Category. There are many, Here are the ones I already use;

  • Swell Network Stake your ETH (Staking opens 29th of Jan)

  • Lido.Fi Stake Matic,ETH or SOL

  • You can find the rest on Redstone DeFiLamma page HERE and on Redstone website (TRUSTED BY tab) HERE

  • You can track your general progress HERE by connecting your wallet.


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