2-IN-1  Airdrop: Swell Network Airdrop & EigenLayer Airdrop-$64M In Funding

2-IN-1 Airdrop: Swell Network Airdrop & EigenLayer Airdrop-$64M In Funding


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Post Jito Airdrop-The Liquid staking Narrative Plot Thickens

Some of my readers made over $50,000 from the JITO AIRDROP by following my Earliest Airdrop guide on JITO. I mentioned in my WhatsApp channel that I'm capitalizing on current opportunities, which might mean I'll share fewer detailed guides like before. I'll only be sharing high potential opportunities on my WhatsApp channel.

However, some opportunities are too good to ignore. I have a feeling we can replicate the success we had with the JITO airdrop heading into 2024. So, if you missed out on JITO, don't miss this one.

It's about Swell Network, similar to JITO, a Liquid staking protocol for Ethereum. It's well-funded with up to $4 million in VC funding.

Here's what you need to do:

  1. Send ETH from your Binance account or any CEX you use to your MetaMask wallet on the Ethereum mainnet (gas costs around $8.5).

  2. Alternatively you can bridge ETH from any L2 back to Ethereum mainnet by using any of these 3 bridges Rhino.Fi or Orbiter Finance or Mayan Finance for those who have their funds on solana

  3. Visit http://bit.ly/swellnetwork-Jade

  4. Connect your MetaMask wallet on the Ethereum mainnet network.

  5. Stake at least $100 worth of ETH (the more, the better). (You can replicate this on several different wallets (If you know how to escape antisybil)

  6. Gas fees are around $16-36 currently, so don't wait. The risk-to-reward ratio could be 100x.

  7. You'll receive swETH (liquid staked token LST).


    1. swETH deposits on EigenLayer will be limited to a cap of 200,000 ETH.

    2. Plus, deposits of all Liquid Staking Token (LSTs) will be paused when the total capacity reaches 500,000 ETH.

    3. As EigenLayer will also be raising the caps for existing LSTs, this makes it critical that prospective swETH restakers move fast. Last time EigenLayer raised its LST caps, they were filled within 24 hours!

    4. When you stake your ETH on the Swell Network, you'll receive 30 Pearls per swETH. Additionally, restaking 1 swETH on EigenLayer earns you an extra 30 Pearls. These Pearls equate to Points, reflecting your contribution to the Swell Network. Your reward is a retroactive airdrop based on your Points.

    5. You will earn EigenLayer points for restaking swETH on EigenLayer which is a measure of your total Eigenlayer restaking contribution. Equal to your time-integrated amount staked in units of ETH \ hours (ZA AIRDROP SER)*


EigenLayer is an Ethereum LST restaking platform with over $60 million in funding (this is significant).

Here's the process:

  1. Go to the earn tab on Swell Network.

  2. Click on EigenLayer and stake your swETH to farm both platforms.

  3. Again, gas fees can be as high as $16-36. Take the risk; it could be worth it in the end!

An additional activity that can earn you more chances at Swell Networks airdrop is referral, to refer people goto the Voyage tab on Swell Network and copy your ref link.

This Information requires Instant action, ETH staking swell network just opened hours ago and it won't take long to get filled.

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